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July 2015 Dog Food - Treats Alert
02 7 minutes ago
Update on Louie
6108 9 minutes ago
Doc Vet Update - Happy & Frustrated
11133 21 minutes ago
SID/SIBO I think I need help!
19243 33 minutes ago
22196 51 minutes ago
German Shepherd - Citta.
218 56 minutes ago
Update on Buddy
672 27 hours ago
GSD w EPI and unknown Food Allergy
181385 38 hours ago
Rocco Update
770 44 hours ago
New to EPI
19139 45 hours ago
Crazy hunger & leash pulling
15189 2 days ago
Double ACL Injury - Jarvis
467 2 days ago
Posted for Ann
46748 2 days ago
Epi dog not recovering.
20311 4 days ago
enzymes from
131933 4 days ago
Coccidiosis, Hookworms and Tapeworms
26213 4 days ago
Heartworm Information
040 4 days ago
EPI Question
6109 5 days ago
Susan's San Antonio Event a Success!
882 5 days ago
Rave Review For Kibble: Great results mixing "Addiction" and "Sportsmix"
371 5 days ago
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  • "A huge thank you to Olesia for creating this site. Gabi would not have gotten stable without all these beautiful people & pups (& cats). We share our stories, ideas & experience..."
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