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Hello all :-), Greetings from Cyprus, my 4 year old male boxer just got diagnosed with EPI a couple of months ago. Vet confirmed through clinical examination and a test run of Lypex capsules Initial symptoms were loss of weight, increased appetite and loose stools. We are currently at two feedings a day (grain free dry food) with 1 capsule of lypex per day (spread in the two meals). We had started with two lypex capsules but they were too much. Poo consistency good and slowly gaining weight. No SIBO present at this time and will be administering B12 next month. He seems to be able to tolerate small treats or the occasional bit of cheese without issues. Activity levels boxer-crazy as usual. Looking for some more information on the condition and tips to make it a smoother ride for my boxer :-) Thank you all, Irene
4 year old boxer with EPI, currently in Lypex twice a day, no SIBO or vitamin defficiency present at this time.
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Hello Irene and welcome

It sounds as if you have gotten off to a good start with managing your boxers EPI (what is his name?)

If you haven't done so already, have a look at the EPI Quick Guide it explains the four cornerstones of managing EPI.

However, if your Boxer is having good poo and gaining weight, I personally would not mess to much.  B12 is a good idea as EPI struggle to maintain it  so it is good that you are starting it next month.

Do you have any  of the test results?  It helps us to offer advice if we have the results.



Fiona and Dexter



Dexter, Rough Coated Lurcher

Adopted from The Dogs Trust at 17 weeks on 30th May 2011

Dexter was diagnosed on 19th October 2012 cTLI 1.5 B12 689pg/m

weighing 14.3kg

current weight 21kg  

Millies Wolfheart  Kibble  Gundog recipe

Panzym 3/4 tsp per 185g of kibble  2x per day

B12 injections fortnightly given at home

Tylan 1/8 tsp 2x daily for SID (SIBO)

or Oxytetracycline as necessary

 *Please note:  I am not a vet, anything I share or suggest on this site is just from my experience as an EPI dog owner.  Please share with your vet anything that is suggested to you on this forum.*

 Based in Whitworth, Lancashire, UK

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