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My Shepherd was diagnosed in November with EPI. He has taken very will to his enzymes and has gained all of his weight back. We currently have him on Tylan for his bacterial infection which has improved. I also daily give him probiotics and slippery elm bark. Every day he is still eating poop!! What else could be causing him to do this? I am losing my mind, it is so disgusting :( 

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Is it his own poop he is eating and is there still undigested food in it? Maybe try one of the deterrents on the market and quickly pick up any poop in your lawn before the option to eat it is there.

   Jill-  Washington State

Mickey 6/21/99 - 8/29/2014 

17.5 lb  jack russell, chronic pancreatitis, hyperuricosuria,high blood pressure, hypothyroid, spinal stenosis

diet of  hard boiled eggs, macaroni,  RC Hepatic, mashed potato

2 #2 Dianes enzymes 6x premeal

 2.5 mg Amlodipine, .15mg soloxine am/pm, 100mg ursodiol started for gall bladder thinning

arthritis:  6.25mg tramadol 1x/day, 12.5mg gabapentin every 12 hrs,  Assisi soft loop used on back and elbow, 1- 540meq potassium citrate nightly

Denamarin once a day, 1/16 t tylan (150mg)  2x/day ,  Senilife started 12/14/13, Trixsyn sirup for arthritis, .1mg Adequan weekly by shot. 75mg Tylan 2x./day for SIBO

Optimmune for Dry eyes

 Kiya is Mickeys sister, 3/4 aussie, 1/4 blue heeler born 9/2006.  She thinks she is a 44 lb jack russell who tries to heel Mickey!!

TJ is the newest addition.  He is in the bottom picture with Kiya.  He was born 7/05/2015. 

I am not a vet, just a pet owner sharing what experiences I have had in helping my dogs with other pet owners.  If you have an emergency please call your vet.

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Doc's Mom
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Hi Carrie.  I remember those days all too well - so gross!!  A couple questions to help get a better idea of what is going on - are you supplementing B12? are you giving probiotics at least two hours away from antibiotics? have you double checked the dose of Tylan to be sure it's right for your dog's weight? what amount of enzymes are you using per cup of food? what food are you feeding? finally, what do the poops look like?

As Jill said it could be that there is still undigested food and your pup is looking for nutrients - once you answer the questions we might be able to offer some suggestions for tweaking or it could be that it has become a habbit.  Definitely no puppy kisses for now :)



Nashville, Tennessee

DOB: 4/3/2014 - Diagnosed EPI and SIBO: 5/22/2015
EPI Test Results: 1st test 7/2014 = TLI 16.5, B12 894, Folate > 24; 
2nd test 5/2015 = TLI < .4, B12 406; Folate >24; 3rd test 10/2015   TLI < .4; B12 >1000; Folate 14.4

Weight: 95 (highest 1/2015) - 76 (lowest 5/2015) - goal met 100lb (7/23/15) - 101.8LBS 12/3/15 - CHUNKY MONKEY

History prior to DX:  May/June 2014 (2mos old) - DX coccidia and bladder infection; July 2014 (3mos old) 1st EPI test = TLI 16.5, B12 894, Folate >24 - Diagnosed SIBO not EPI; Feb 2015 thru May 2015 - weight loss only; May  2015 vomitted several times, diarrhea and eating poop.

History since DX: has maintained weight between 95-101lbs since July 2015; extreme yeast and rod infection in ears; yeast infection paws (ongoing); bacterial eye infection; bacterial skin infection on legs; poops LIVE fly larvae; diagnosed with mild, focal superficial pyoderma (bacterial infection) - rare lesions on inner thighs; bacterial and yeast overgrowth lip folds; yeast overgrowth feet and left ear; metacarpal/metatarsal draining tracts/fistulae (infection and/or immune mediated disease; probable underlying allergy (food vs. environmental ); staphylococcus pseudintermedius infection in sores on paws; recurring metatarsal fistula - all issues resolved after NutriScan Food Sensitivity Test and switching foods.

NUTRISCAN Food Sensitivity Test (12/2015): reactive to chicken, turkey, white fish, wheat, white potato (mild), venison, soy (mild), pork (mild), duck (mild), corn - switching food based on test resolved all skin issues.

Serum Allergy Test (5/2016): Too many to mention

CURRENTLY :  6 cups Forza10 Legend Skin - Diane 6x 1tsp per cup; 1 WonderLab PetFactor B12 2x day; 2 scoops TotalBiotics 1x day; 600mg vitamin E; 1 Zyrtec 10mg 2x day; Milk Thistle during heartworm/flea/tick meds

I am not a vet.  All of my suggestions are based on my personal experiences, information gleaned from EPI research and information from other EPI owners.  Please always share anything and everything recommended on this forum with your vet


YOUR PAWS LEFT PRINTS ON MY HEART (in loving memory of Bugsy aka Boo Boo - Boston Terrier 14yrs - not EPI but medically challenging and totally worth it)

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Marilyn Marinelli
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Doc's mom has posed some really good questions.

I know my dog didn't stop eating poop for quite a while ...my guess would be that your dog may still need extra nutrients until his system is balanced once again.

Exocrine pancreatic insufficiency (EPI)


Also known as pancreatic insufficiency, this is a condition where your dog is creating little or no digestive enzymes in the pancreas. Without added enzymes, a dog will basically slowly starve, with symptoms including weight loss, diarrhea, and yes, stool eating, because he’s trying to get those much-needed nutrients.


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Paige's Guardian
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I agree with Madelon.  My old Dane who has SID/SIBO was a constant daily poop eater.  I had no idea that she had SID/SIBO but was at my wits end in trying to stop reflux/regurgitation.   So, I gave her Tylan that I had from my malabsorption Dane.  I gave her the dose recommended on this website....3/8 tsp twice per day.  Well, what a surprise.  The reflux/regurg was much better, no more bad breath, no more tummy rumbles, no more gas and normal stools.  Then, to my other surprise she has no eaten poop at all since she has been on Tylan. 

I think she will have to stay on Tylan forever.  I have tried a few times to back her down to 2/8 tsp and she gets soft stools and gassy.  So, she is 10 years old and that is old for a Great Dane so, I think she will just stay on it for the rest of her life. 

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