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Christine Cox
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I'm sorry if this question has been asked before, I just could not find the answer in the forum.

I need to try feeding my GSD a raw diet due to her allergies being so bad.  I found a prepared raw diet but not sure on the enzyme ratio.  I currently feed 1tsp per 1 cup kibble.  The raw food calculation is around 24oz per meal.  Do I weigh the raw food then put it in measuring cups to see how many tsps of enzymes I need?  Also, do you let the enzymes incubate for 20+ minutes, just like you do with the kibble? 

Any help would be greatly appreciated, thank you.

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maddie ann
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I would reduce the enzymes to 1/2 tsp per cup and see how that goes   i guess like you i would have to transfer it to a cup,,


 ANN (UK).

Maddie DOB 01-10-2007 she is now  10  DX 04/11 .B12 140 now 644 TLI <1.00 Folate 14.2.

After 15 months on the B12 tablets with the intrisic factor she was retested and her b12 was 902 which gave me the confidence to continue without injections.

Weight was 22.3kg now 33.2kg (04-05-12) she is a small GSDbut she gained .(24lbs)

Feed a mixture of foods she does better on fibre 3% and below she has  b12 tablets daily (imported from the USAhttp://www.wonderlabs.com/itemleft.php?itemnum=6881) now changing to the uk version from http://www.chemeyes.co.uk/

She has panzym altough over the years we have had to increase the dose she currently has 1/2 tsp per feed.

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