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It is hard to believe that Kolby is celebrating his 9th birthday.  We are always so grateful  that he is  with us, but this year we are particularly grateful.  Like many of you, before diagnosis (for him right after his first birthday) and during the early days of treatment, we did not think he would make it to his second birthday.  But with the help of this wonderful Forum that Olesia created, and with the generous support and encouragement of so many knowledgeable members here, Kolby has survived and thrived  at his target weight of 84 pounds, a far cry from the 54 pound weight at diagnosis. We went through many foods,  unable at first to get him to stabilize until we finally went to a hydrolized prescription food.....not for everyone, but very effective for him.  He did not really put on the weight he needed until we got the B12 levels up and stable, maintaining them with Pet Factor from Wonderlabs.  

And of course, what would we have ever done without Enzyme Diane, an angel for so many of us..

We have had our share of setbacks, not always with apparent reasons or causes,  but which would eventually work themselves out with trial and error and lots of support here.

An unexpected challenge came last  August, when for no apparent reason, Kolby bloated.   His stomach also twisted and we very nearly lost him.  I gave an account of what happened in order to help others who may encounter this emergency situation. It can be found under the "Concurrent Conditions" tab above under Bloat.  

I know that many of you have similar stories, similar setbacks, similar reasons for celebrations. I also know that many of us have been through heartbreak,  if not with our EPI pup, perhaps with another beloved companion. We know that they are not always with us for long, but every moment we have with them is a gift.....for us and for them.    Today, when Kolby bounded into the kitchen to find his birthday bag and promptly got his head caught in the bag looking for whatever was in there,  when he found the bar bell toys and dutifully ripped the tags off them before squeaking them to death,  when he put his nose on the counter to see the lighted candles on his "enzymed cake".......we were grateful indeed that this  inquisitve fur bag of energy came into our lives.   Thank you all for helping us and each other to keep our pups healthy for as long as we have them.


ps  I wanted to include pictures, but they changed something on Photobucket since I was there last and I wasn't able to upload them.   I will keep trying. 



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Happy belated birthday Kolby! Thanks Barb for the great insight and keep up the good work with Kolby.

   Jill-  Washington State

Mickey 6/21/99 - 8/29/2014 

17.5 lb  jack russell, chronic pancreatitis, hyperuricosuria,high blood pressure, hypothyroid, spinal stenosis

diet of  hard boiled eggs, macaroni,  RC Hepatic, mashed potato

2 #2 Dianes enzymes 6x premeal

 2.5 mg Amlodipine, .15mg soloxine am/pm, 100mg ursodiol started for gall bladder thinning

arthritis:  6.25mg tramadol 1x/day, 12.5mg gabapentin every 12 hrs,  Assisi soft loop used on back and elbow, 1- 540meq potassium citrate nightly

Denamarin once a day, 1/16 t tylan (150mg)  2x/day ,  Senilife started 12/14/13, Trixsyn sirup for arthritis, .1mg Adequan weekly by shot. 75mg Tylan 2x./day for SIBO

Optimmune for Dry eyes

 Kiya is Mickeys sister, 3/4 aussie, 1/4 blue heeler born 9/2006.  She thinks she is a 44 lb jack russell who tries to heel Mickey!!

TJ is the newest addition.  He is in the bottom picture with Kiya.  He was born 7/05/2015. 

I am not a vet, just a pet owner sharing what experiences I have had in helping my dogs with other pet owners.  If you have an emergency please call your vet.

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Happy Birthday Kolby !! And many more . We all know it's not easy sometimes, but it's all worth it .
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Jean and Kara
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Barb, try drop box, we send huge hugs from across the pond to one very lucky dog.....and to very lucky parents.......jeanx





From Liverpool England

born 21st July 2009

Adopted at five months old 26th December 2009


EPI dx August 2010

tli<1.00 folate 8.3 cobalimin 611

Antibiotics  2 Oxytet antibiotics 3 times a day also if we cannot fit the Oxytet in she has Tylan 1/8th teaspoon before her meals as a maintenanance dose

Food- Ashenbank Lamb Casserole  twice daily equalling 3 cups per day possibly more

Zantac (ranitadine) 75 mg 30 minutes before each meal as too much acid was being produced, causing shedding of bowel lining

Enzymes-Panzym 3 gram per meal twice daily ( 3/4 teaspoon ) 

B12 injection once every three weeks

One Chemeyes B12 with intrinsic factor of 40 daily

One Antepsin before bedtime

Allergies to beef, pork, chicken. and white fish confirmed by blood test

33.6 kilos in weight as of 5th May 2013

37 kilos as of 10th June 2014

40.65 kilos, 89.6 pounds as of 3rd March 2015

Vet says she is now processing her food correctly

Very proud of all of us



I am not a vet, nor have veterinary experience, but have lived and breathed EPI for 51/2 years, and hope I can bring some support to others, as others have to me.


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maddie ann
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Happy Birthday Mr Kolby and here is to many more you are lucky to have Barb as your mum glad you enjoyed your toys and cake.


 ANN (UK).

Maddie DOB 01-10-2007 she is now  10  DX 04/11 .B12 140 now 644 TLI <1.00 Folate 14.2.

After 15 months on the B12 tablets with the intrisic factor she was retested and her b12 was 902 which gave me the confidence to continue without injections.

Weight was 22.3kg now 33.2kg (04-05-12) she is a small GSDbut she gained .(24lbs)

Feed a mixture of foods she does better on fibre 3% and below she has  b12 tablets daily (imported from the USAhttp://www.wonderlabs.com/itemleft.php?itemnum=6881) now changing to the uk version from http://www.chemeyes.co.uk/

She has panzym altough over the years we have had to increase the dose she currently has 1/2 tsp per feed.

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Site Owner
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OMG.... Mr. Kolby is 9 years old ??? WOW!!!!  Congratulations and 


And thank you Barb for sharing Kolby's journey... the ups and downs....and how well he came thru the hurdles with astounding success.... 9 years later :).

Sorry about having difficulty posting pictures  .... the only way (that i know of now) that you can do it is pay for the extra service at Photobucket..... which is not worth it, as we will be able to upload photos into our new forum that we are hoping to roll out very soon.


Olesia, owned by Izzy, a 35lb SWD, Diagnosed at 1.5 years old - TLI results 1.3, Stable 9+ yrs! Once stable, was able to reduce enzymes to only 1/2 tsp of Enzymes (use EnzymeDiane's 6x) with each meal, but after almost 4 years of stabilization... had to increase the amount of enzymes to 3/4 teaspoon with each meal. Fed various grain-free kibble+real meat, 6x pancreatin enzymes from EnzymeDiane., gave 1 tsp of coconut oil one day and 1 tsp salmon oil next day, and also give canned sardines packed without salt or canned herring for extra omega oils.... until she developed Diabetes and now cannot tolerate higher fat foods.

In Feb 2013, Izzy developed a very serious condition called IMHA which she (thankfully) beat and is now in remission. We also discovered that now, at 8+ years old, she not only has EPI, but also Diabetes, Low Thyroid and High Cholesterol.  Izzy was able to receive excellent care because of the kindness of so many here on epi4dogs and  is currently  doing extra-ordinarily well. If anyone could spend a day with Izzy, they would never guess that she has any health problems!  Because of Izzy's concurrent conditions of Diabetes and High Cholesterol we had to make changes to our daily EPI routine. We had to alter the fiber, type of fiber and the fat content her diet. She is now on an all home-made diet which she does best on and has even been able to reduce the insuline (Vetsulin:pork-based insulin) . Because of the diet change to all home-made i no longer worry about hypoglycemia or hyperglycemia- -she is much more even-keeled with a diet of sweet potato, a lean meat/fish, sometimes a free range egg, cottage cheese,  fish oil+vitamins and bone meal. We tried Novolin N a human synthetic RNA insulin.... but Izzy did not do well on it. aside from all of Izzy's health issues.... she continues to wake up every day full of joy and a great sense of humor!

I am not a vet.  All of my suggestions/recommendations are based on personal expereinces, observations, information gleaned from EPI research, and information shared with me by EPI researchers....that hopefully may help others. Please always share anything and everything recommended on this forum with your vet.

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