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My friends dog was diagnosed yesterday with EPI, how much pancreaspowdrer plus should be given in each meal/snack? He eats several times a day and we are concerned about giving him too much or if there are side effects to the powder or the tylan (1/4 tsp twice a day)...he's an 11 year old german sheperd wh's down to 76 lbs...thanks for any words of advice!!:), also the vet gave him a b12 shot which seemed to perk him up signifigantly...barb

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Maezi & wanda
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Hi barb - many will come on at anytime to help you -- but I thought I'd answer 1 question for u now in case u are watching still - generally start with 1 tsp enzymes dissolved in some wArm ( not to hot) wAter then mixed with 1 cup dry kibble - let incubate 20-30inutes at room temp then feed . Smaller more frequent meals 2-3 hours apart are better at first -- feed 150% daily req. To put weight back on . Good luck - Wanda & maezi

Maezi is a female  Australian cattle dog (blue Heeler) from BC Canada born may 11-2010   Dx with EPI july 27,2011 & Oxalate crystals june 2012.

The story of her journey and struggles with EPI are featured on the EPI stories section above

Starts day with.   Pepcid AC 12hr pill

breakie - 1 1/2 cup Now Fresh senior recipe (for crystals) w. 1 1/4 tsp Diane's 6x > warm water sit 29 minutes 

supper same -  with a b12 wonderlabs daily

Fortiflora on hand as needed - Benadryl when she plays w spiders/bees etc. 


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Sounds like the vet is on top of things, with the tylan and the B12 shots. Wanda summed up the enzyme dosing and preparation perfectly. We generally start with 1 tsp enzymes to 1 cup of kibble (even though the bottle says 1 tsp per meal). Your friend should keep the B12 shots up on a weekly basis for 6 weeks (see the B12 tab above), then follow the protocol provided under the tab. Tylan should be given for at least 30 days. SIBO can be tough to kick. It is generally a pretty mild antibiotic, with no significant side effects that I know of.

Glad to hear the pup is already perking up from the B12. The enzymes and treating the SIBO with tylan will help him put weight on. We also usually recommend grain-free food for most dogs, since grain is difficult to digest. The goal is "tootsie roll" poops.  Hope everything works out well and quickly in this holiday season - to bring holiday cheer. But don't despair if it doesn't. Sometimes tweaking is necessary to get to optimal results. But you have found a great resource for your friend. We look forward to helping and hearing good news.


Paula and Maya (bday 12/21/06) (diagnosed 10/26/10 TLI 1.5, B12 659 (ref:249-733), weight 52 lbs. After 30 days, retested B12/folate - B12 plummeted to 200, which greatly affected her personality. After following B12 protocol, currently giving semi-weekly B12 shots at home, plus daily WonderLabs Trinfac. Weight in July 2013: 75 lbs - the picture of health

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Hello Barb and Welcome to the Forum.  I am sorry to hear that your friends dog has been diagnosed with EPI but it sure is wonderful to hear that the vet is treating all aspects of the disease right from the start by prescribing enzymes, B12 and Tylan.

On the Forum when we talk about giving "too much" or "too little" of enzymes it means per each cup of food in each meal.   No matter how much food a dog eats in one day or how many times a day it is fed.... It is all about getting the proper ratio of food to enzymes... 1 tsp enzyme to 1 cup of food. 

With Tylan powder the main concern seems to be taste... it is bitter.... so while some dogs will eat it just mixed into their food right before serving... other dogs will not but then it can be loaded into gel caps and administered that way at meal time.

If you click the Forum tab at the top of this website you should get a drop down menu where you can select Videos... there is one showing how to prepare enzymed food and one showing how to load Tylan into gel caps. 

Another word of advice for your friend would be to start keeping a log of everything that goes in and comes out of the dog.  It can be an invaluable tool with managing EPI as there is usually tweaking involved to find the right balance for each individual dog.  Good luck and please keep us updated  :)


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Kathy and Ted
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Hi Barb, how nice of you to help your friend. Wanda, Paula and Becky have you covered for now so I'll just say hi.



Ted GSD rescue gained 39 lbs

9/1/2002 – 11/27/2012

LK Non-EPI GSD rescue about 11 yrs old at adoption (Jan 25, 2013)


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Hi Barb,

What a good friend you are!  Welcome to the Forum to you and your friend.  You have been given great advice so far.   Once your friend has the Food, Enzymes, B12, and Antibiotics balanced the pup should start to show even more improvement.  It sounds like he is heading in that direction already.  That is amazing.

I second the suggestion about keeping a log.  It helps so much to see what is working and what isn't so you can make changes. 

There are many people here to help you and your friend ....so ask any questions you have.


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Hi Barb,  

You def are a wonderful friend.   You have gotten great advice above.   One more thing to consider is that most EPI dogs do best on grain free food - 100% grain free.   In the beginning it took us several grain free foods until we found one that totally agreed with Jackie.   Things are a little up and down in the beginning because you "tweak" this and "tweak" that but I promise, they slow down.

Any questions, ask away!



Jackie (10/15/08 - 11/8/15) - Diagnosed at 9 mos (09/09) - TLI 0.3 and low end of B12.  Pancreatin 8x dosing 3/4tsp per cup.   TOTW High Prarie, Trinfac-B Intrinsic Factor daily, probiotics and Duralactin in the am. Mega-E:  cisapride and metoclopramide.    Stable and happy 122lbs - thanks to all the beautiful souls on this forum, we could not have done it without YOU.

Dexter - Diagnosed 11/10 approx 3 yrs of age.   We failed fostering and now he has his forever home :)   At initial testing - TLI 1.2 (range 5-35) B12 254 (range 249-733) folate 20.2 (range 6.5-11.5)   Victor Hero Grain Free, Pancreatin 8x dosing is 3/4 tsp per cup, Trinfac-B Intrinsic Factor 3 x's weekly, probiotics with each meal and glucosamine chondroitin in the am.  Hypothyroidism:   Soloxine.    Stable and happy 97 lbs.

*I am not a vet, anything I share or suggest on this site is solely from my experience as an EPI dog owner. It is recommended that anything shared or suggested on this forum be discussed with your pet's vet.*

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