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I'm another vote for Tylan. Kody has also had a sibo blip. He has been going great since Oct, absolutely nothing changes and out of the blue, the crazy rock and cardboard eating started then the yellow poop. He seems to have turned the corner now and is back on track. Just have to accept sibo is going to happen from time to time no matter what I do.



Kody DOB 2nd Jan 2011. Diagnosed 11th Dec 2012. TLi less than 1. Dx weight 31.3kgs. Currently on 2x Creon 10 with every meal. Feeding 4 Big Dogfood premade Barf lamb patties and 500gms turkey mince meat divided between 4 meals. Started 6 week course B12 Injections 5th Jan 2013. 1 wonderlabs once a day. 1 Inner Health Plus a day.Started Tylan in case of "sneaky Sibo" 12th Feb 2013 as we were not seeing any weight gain although no true sibo signs.  10/4/2013  Started 1tbsp mash sweet potato before every meal for acid reflux - has made a big improvement to his burping. Oct 2013 Started 1tsp slippery elm per day & 1tsp coconut oil daily. Slowly increased to 5 tsps coconut oil a day. Also, on tylan for life.

21/12/2012 Test results at dx B12 257 (range 150-1020) and folate 15.9 (range 11-29). 

14/10/2013 Retested B12  1589 (range 150-1020) Folate 31 Cut wonderlabs to 1x day

27/11/2013 Weight 36kgs.

24/12/2013 Weight 37.3kgs. 3/2/2014 39.20 kgs 19/3/2014 41kgs


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Good to know I am not doing anything "wrong" per se. Thanks for the advice, y'all. :)


Buttercup diagnosed with EPI in November 2012.

Currently on 2 1/2 cups a day (1 1/2 cups AM/1 cup in PM) of Nutro Grain Free Venison & Potato (12% fat & 3% fiber)

1 1/2  tsp. 6x enzymes per meal incubated for 20 minutes

B12 pill daily

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