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Lulu (aka Miss Lulupants) is an 8 year old '
Red Shepherd' (Australian Red Heeler x Long-haired GSD) who lives on the Fleurieu Peninsula, South Australia.

Diagnosed with EPI in April 2010 weighing in at 16.6kg/36.6lb (ideal weight around 20kg/44lb). Hit a low of 16.2kg/35.7lb. TLI score: <1.0

Completed 1/4tsp Tylan twice a day. After a long battle with SIBO (17 weeks in all). The occasional imbalance redressed with Tylan for 7 days for a mild occurrance or 30-45 days (with gradual weening) for more severe episodes since stabilising.

Currently on Creon Forte (25 000). Enzyplex (ineffectual plant-based supplement only) discontinued. 

2 cups of Taste of the Wild High Prairie Canine Formula kibble per day over two meals (now she's stable); 1-2 meaty bones (beef spine) per month; small pieces of natural dehydrated beef or pork liver treats for training/agility/fun.

injections (cobalamin) for 7 weeks at diagnosis (completed). B12 score 1028+ so injections discontinued. Currently 1 x Wonderlabs Trinfac B12 with Intrinsic Factor every 2nd day if SIBO/SID is present). 

A few drops of Omega 3&6 oil per evening meal. Sometime coconut oil.

Please see thread for discontinued antis, enzymes/supplements.

Lulu also has regular 3 monthly injections of Pentosan which keeps her joints nice and supple (we suspect she might have early onset arthritis probably due to the EPI mucking her about while her little bones were forming. The Pentosan just keeps her comfy so she doesn’t stiffen up after all the activity she gets up to. She's VERY active!)

Overall weight loss stopped in 2010. Target weight approx: 21kg (46 pounds)

Lulu currently weighs: 19kg (42 pounds).

Miss Lulupants' story has been archived but it starts here.

Lulu is super-smart and very pretty (everybody says so - including her!). 

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Reply Carla
12:55 AM on February 20, 2016 
Lulu is beautiful and it is so great that she is almost at her target weight. I have really been so grateful for this forum as it has helped the vet and I work out what we want to do.
I would love to give my Shadow a bone but she isn't stable yet (though she has started putting on weight and has had formed poo for about 10 days, but not firm yet). Should I be patient about the bone - but I would love to treat her!
Reply mel kelly
10:57 AM on June 1, 2014 
Hi I have inboxed you

Im in Victoria.
I have a 4yo gsd x whos always had odd poo and sensitive. On raw diet at present. (roo and vegies) was on Vets all natural and been on kibble until 4 mths ago but had issues as a pup (mas deprived, was a rescue at 6 wks)

and starting tests TLi (what else dp I need to ask for?) any help advice would be much appreciated. A TLI last year said wasnt in the TLi bracket

Thanks mel
Reply Rachel
9:46 PM on November 1, 2013 
Hi there,

I live in Adelaide and see you do also? Our girl Zara has been diagnosed with EPI a couple of weeks ago and I was hoping to get yiur opinion on a vet in Adelaide you'd recommend? As so few have dealt with EPI and its only thru this website I was able to get a quicker diagnosis and get her onto creon, as enzyplex was originally recommended with little effect.

Kind regards,
Reply Cheeky & Julie
7:42 PM on March 21, 2013 
Hey buddy mate pal! Cheeky here from up above you on the NSW QLD border Tweed Coast!.......I'm looking good! I feel fantastic & my trusted owner Julie is just full of happy beans! we are heading in the right direction & the road has been bumpy at times but with good mates like yourself and others this is nothing we can't handle thanks for your input and advice really appreciate it! Can I ask where I can get my owner to by one of these cool red bandanas????I would wear it with pride!.....cheers Miss Lulupants!
Reply Miss Lulupants
7:53 AM on February 11, 2012 
Hi there Ruth and the beautiful Bella (our last almost 17 year old pup was a Bella too)

Thanks for the Lulu comps and yes she knows it [roll eyes]. Hope the B12 kicks in soon.

Good news on the poop front, bad on the corn chips :-(. Lightening is right!

Re meaty bones, yes we give Lulu meaty bones regularly. they're beef spine or neck, very little fat although enough to help not hinder. I posted a picture in a thread last month, thought you might be interested in it and the info therein...http://www.epi4dogs.com/apps/forums/topics/show/7146008

Reply Ruth Dones
3:59 PM on February 10, 2012 
Lulu is a beautiful girl.
Once we get the B12 sorted I hope we can go onto the tablets.
Do you find bones o.k, I would love to give Bels a bone.
Bells poo is now like a proper formed dog poo, apart from when she pinched some doritos ! she is as quick as lightning and we are trying to train the children and their friends to watch where they leave food.
Reply Miss Lulupants
12:09 AM on January 28, 2012 
What can I say when she gets her own fan email from the other side of the world! Even when we're on the beach (which is quite often at the moment) I lose count of how many people come up to us spontaneously to say how pretty she is and what breed is she etc etc. I only tell them if they throw her frisbee for her which I'd send you a picture of but the comments section won't let me! Have to save it for the forums I guess as of course there aren't enough pictures of Lulu on there y'know ;-p
Reply ImWithThePyr
10:53 PM on January 26, 2012 
I just love Lulu!! She reminds me so much of my heart dog, she was Chow and GSD! Lulu is such a pretty girl!!
Reply J and K
4:44 AM on November 10, 2011 
She actually doesn't look like this at the moment. This was Taya at 10 months before she lost all her weight. I am hoping to get my beautiful girl back. She has very little energy and is miserable. I have stopped walking her because she has not been managing. I have become poo obsessed trying to beat her to them. She was to have exploratory surgery today, but I talked to the vet 2 days ago and cancelled as we now will give Creon a go.
Thanks for your support.
Reply J and K
8:12 AM on November 8, 2011 
Very encouraged by your happy healthy dog. Miss Lulu looks very beautiful.