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I help run German Shepherd Rescue Scotland. I have 3 German Shepherd, 4 kids and a poor long suffering husband!

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Reply Hans
5:46 PM on May 29, 2012 
Here is another idea well several
Hello Sharon - We qualify with our pup Boss for your survey....

Boss is 4 1/2 years old and food has never been a high value item to him.

His lack of interest in food does not go in cycles varying throughout the year/weather.

Morning feedings are always more difficult than evening feedings.

The world comes to a halt at feeding time... if anything else is going on it is of more interest than eating.

It is challenging enough to get him to eat without powdered enzymes making the food even less appealing so we use Creon for enzymes.

Supplementing B12 and finding a food without gluten or potatoes has greatly helped his appetite but I doubt it will ever be "normal".

He seems to have a preference for a low sided feeding dish like a pie plate.

We live in a rural area and on summer days, when quiet without distractions of neighbors/critters, a picnic outside spikes his interest in food.

We add enticers to jump start his interest and then once he starts eating throughout the meal we toss additional tiny enticers in the bowl to keep his head down in it and eating. Both getting him to start and keeping the momentum going are key... if he pauses for any length of time... were doomed... he is done.

He picks up on our feelings so even when we are frustrated/worried about him not eating it seems to help if we keep relaxed/happy vibes going at meal time.

He responds well to praise. As a puppy when he did something positive I would clap and use the phrase "and the crowd cheers for Boss".... so he knows this as positive praise... and he hears it after every meal

Reply Hans
5:43 PM on May 29, 2012 
Hay Gillian I thought maybe if I forward you personally some of the stories I received it may help. Do you have Wallace on Probiotics?
Posts: 18 Charlie is a rescue Boston Terrier, who couldn't care less about eating, I've learned! One day I forgot to call him in for breakfast (boring Hill's ID daily, ,mixed with Diane's 8X Pancreatin). Later in the day he came to me looking at his bowl(!), so I then gave him the refrigerated food I had mixed earlier, and to my surprise he ate all of it! So, from then on I have been waiting until he "tells" me that he is hungry before I put down his food. I must admit that I leave the food he hasn't finished on the floor just in case (which sometimes happens) he decides to finish his meal later. I feed him twice a day like this. I do realize that he has become a very spoiled dog and I know this is not the proper way to train a dog; but I feel so happy when he finishes his meals (that he "orders")!! He started out weighing 17 pounds and now weighs 23 pounds and has good poos. He also gets a B12 shot (1/2 cc.) weekly, a probiotic with one of his meals, and a squirt of salmon daily (Olesia's suggestion). None of this info may help, but I wanted to send it just in case. Also, Charlie is very easily distracted while he is eating and in that case will stop eating, just as your dog does. I guess this happens with some dogs no matter what their breed is! Buffy and Charlie
Reply Hans
8:34 PM on May 23, 2012 
hi Gillian I was looking for wallace's age and found your "about me" page!! LOL too funny LOL