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 hello i am jean i live in liverpool england with husband derek

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Reply Pratima
4:53 AM on January 4, 2018 
Hi Jean, I was wondering if you have some Tylan that you can spare for us please? ChRley need it urgently and I have just run out. Working on sourcing some..... any help will be appreciated very much.
Reply Michelle
8:34 AM on July 22, 2016 
Hi jean! How do you post pictures?
Reply Nata
7:41 AM on February 27, 2016 
Hi Jean, I read this post on your profile. You wrote that "Enzymes-Panzym 3 gram per meal twice daily ( 3/4 teaspoon ) plus one Lypex". I a am really curious can I connect Lypex with other enzyme in one meal. Lypex works really good on my dog but now I need to give her more enzymes, and they really expensive. Please anwser me,
Reply Tracey, Sofie's mom
2:05 PM on December 7, 2015 
Hi sweetie,

I'm wondering if you are seeing my emails? I'm not getting any responses from you so not sure - unless you're mad at me??


Reply Doc's Mom
9:34 PM on October 23, 2015 
Taking Doc to get tomorrow for metatarsal fistula - found what I think is the start of two more on his other paws!! This boy is a mess - I'm beginning to think he and Kara are related since they are seeming to have similar issues. I read in one of your posts you cross stitch- do you still? I have fond memories of cross stitching with my mom - she used to win ribbons for them - sadly I don't have time anymore.
Reply Bo's mom
4:24 PM on September 9, 2015 

I think Bo's allergies started with this round of TOTW High Prairie... he has had it before.. but I noticed the third ingredient is Chicken Meal... sigh... I really think this is his issue at the moment... idk... I am going to try something different just trying to decide what.. there are other TOTW that have nothing chicken... so will try that... so sick of the ear infection and what the prednisone does to him...
Reply Doc's Mom
7:52 AM on July 27, 2015 
Hey Jean - I was wondering if you have a copy of the article Olesia mentioned about SIBO and food - I think it was your vet. My dilemma is that although Doc has gained all weight back and reached goal weight we are on our second 45 day of Tylan and I still see some yellow chunks in his poop every now and again PLUS he's still really itchy so I'm wondering if I don't have the right food yet. I went back through my records from when Doc has SIBO as a puppy and we put him on Royal Canin Gastro Low Fat kibble until the SIBO was gone and then I put him on Royal Canin GSD puppy and he was fine from October until May when he was diagnosed with EPI and SIBO - I haven't compared the ingredients of TOTW Sierra Mountain to the Royal Canin and will do that at work today but I'm wondering if he needs to be on a low fat food to get over SIBO and en could transition to a more cost friendly food. I will do whatever I have to but my credit card bill is already about $4000 into this so it'd like to try to eventually get him on a cost friendly food but in the end it will be what works best for him. Thanks!
Reply Jean and Kara
5:24 AM on July 21, 2015 
we needed an up to date one for the birthday girl
Reply Doc's Mom
5:13 AM on July 21, 2015 
Love the new picture on your post!!!
Reply Doc's Mom
7:42 AM on July 2, 2015 
Jean - so glad you joined the yahoo group - I'm not on there much because they are soooo strict about things but I have seen some things that don't quite fit our recommendations - I usually will look at their email address and email separately off of the group and always advise they check out this site! You've been a great help to soooo many!!
Reply Bo's mom
9:30 AM on April 7, 2015 
Hi Jean... I live in Kansas with husband Mark... Mia, Bo and Tilly ( cat)... have 4 1/2 grandkids... Will be 5 on May 7th!
Reply Q, Q-ball, Quester...
7:36 PM on February 2, 2015 
Well hello Jean and Derek and lovely Kara! Happy to be friends on epi!
Reply Martha Campbell
9:12 AM on January 23, 2015 
Will I ever see normal formed stools from my dog? We are actively follow the regimen. Powder enzymes twice a day, B12 shoots weekly. Why is he throwing up once an awhile????
Reply Apache
9:37 AM on September 28, 2014 
Thanks Jean,

Just to recap on Kodi's treatment so far.
He is on Lypex (one capsule per meal, 3 meals a day)
He had been prescribed 3 tablets a day of Metronidazole for 2 weeks, which worked wonders (no diarrhoea episodes).
Within two or three days of coming off Metrodnidazole, he got diarrhoea again. I would then give him a tablet or two of Metrod. and he would be ok again.
The vet's view was 'how do we know it was the Metro that fixed the problem, he might have got better on his own'.
So about 10 days ago i agreed to stop giving him the Metrod.. Since then he has had two or three bad diarrhoea events, lasting a couple of days at a time. He eventually improved again. I have been up all night with him last night, and night before, so getting really worn out.
My Vet's aim is to get him off any anti-biotics completely and just continue long term with Lypex.
I feel as though i am never more than a day or two from yet another all night episode and i have told her that.
I guess my question is:
Is she right to stop his Metrod., or should he be on long term anti-biotics as Kara is? What is normal practice, given the situation i have described.
many thanks
Reply Apache
7:23 AM on September 28, 2014 
Hi Jean

Can i just confirm something with you?
Your signature states "Antibiotics 2 Oxytet antibiotics 3 times a day also if we cannot fit the Oxytet in she has Tylan 1/8th teaspoon before her meals as a maintenanance dose"
Is this ongoing with Kara, that you are still giving her Oxytet 3 times a day?
Reply Mike
2:49 AM on March 21, 2014 
Thanks for welcoming me to the sight have had lots of help ,A week ago I had no idea what EPI was.and I thought Rylee was suffering from a bad reaction to food it was really messy .Since he's started on the Enzyme powder 3 days I've noticed a difference in him its unbelievable he seems more energetic hasn't pooped in the house for 2 days and his poop is actually firming up.Nice topic LOL.Was over in Bourmouthe in December my cousin is a Liverpoole fan.
Reply jo
12:11 AM on March 21, 2014 
This content has been removed due to abuse.
Reply Linda Stephenson
3:30 PM on November 17, 2013 
"I have considered what you have said and again am bewildered with its content

I am not prepared to debate with you the rights and wrongs of peoples experiences which are the heart of the advice given,

written eveidence is all very well, but there is nothing better than what has gone before, which both helps and surrounds the new people with some comfort that their pride and joy is not going to die immediately

all they want is support and love and its what happens on the Forum,
they do not want scientific debate

I am also not willing to debate Olesia,

She set this up with at the time no support, and of her own volition and offers her time, and knowledge, free with no financial gain, as do we all

I wish you luck with your baby "

Thanks for the good wishes. My baby is a delight. So sorry if I somehow offended. I don't know what I said that was bewildering, and I didn't comment at all on people's experience. I commented on the published article that recommended avoiding grains and then suggested oats, wheat and rice instead of grains. Obviously nonsense. I trusted that your medical background, as well as your experience with feeding potatoes as a starch, would make it obvious that the article was nonsense.
Love and support are all very well, but good, evidence-based advice would also be a big help in keeping our dogs healthy. If I read an article that tells me to avoid grains and instead feed my dog wheat, I have to wonder who fact-checked the article. Don't you?
There are so many controversies swimming around EPI dog care. I'm not pretending to have answers, but it seems just common sense to question errors in a published article that's being presented as a resource, and to stimulate some discussion based on what we do know (e.g., that wheat is a grain, and that "crude fiber" on a label doesn't tell us the percentage of soluble/fermentable fiber). If we don't talk about it, and shed some light on what is known, then new EPI dog owners are going to make needless mistakes -- like tossing out 100 lb. of kibble because it contains a little rice.
Reply Linda Stephenson
2:47 AM on November 17, 2013 
Hi, Jean.

I hope you and Kara are thriving. All is well here in sunny Santa Cruz. Biff had an amazing afternoon playing with dogs on the beach (a minus tide a 4 pm).

So I followed that article you recommended to our newbie, and I hate to be critical, but I can't help it. The writer is confused.

Here's the worst sentence: "Change to a dog food that uses less grain and more digestible carbohydrates, such as oatmeal, pasta or rice."

Well, you and I both know that oats, pasta (wheat) and rice are all grains. So what on earth are they talking about?

If you really want to avoid grains in kibble, you have to choose another carbohydrate source, such as legumes, potato, sweet potato, quinoa and so forth.

If you want to avoid carbohydrates, you have to give up kibble.

Biffy loves sweet potatoes, and he mostly gets a salmon and sweet potato kibble along with fresh meat and pumpkin, sweet potato, and extra oils. He's doing great.

But I think we risk confusing people by stating categorically that EPI dogs must have grain-free food. There's really very little evidence that peas are any more digestible than, say, rice. I believe this grain-free shibboleth is mostly an overreaction to truly awful kibbles made of corn and slaughterhouse sweepings.

Olesia likes to remind us, often, that most EPI dogs need "less than 4% fiber." And Olesia often uses "grain-free" and "low fiber" as more or less synonymous. They're not, of course. And that "4% fiber" is meaningless because soluble/fermentable fiber is great for most EPI dogs or anybody with gastrointestinal issues. It's true that insoluble fiber slows down digestion, but there's no evidence that reasonable amounts of fiber actually do harm and much evidence that reasonable amounts are helpful. That's why we add prebiotics for goodness sake.

Okay. Sorry. Off my high horse here. I'm still learning and I should be quiet now. I've ordered "Textbook of Veterinary Internal Medicine 7th edition" from interlibrary loan. It has a section on canine pancreatic disease by Jorg Steiner, newly updated. Also new material on diet for dogs with intestinal ailments. And yes, of course, each EPI dog is different.

Reply susanna.hakanen
5:43 AM on October 23, 2013 
Hi Jean, i send my email address, if you like to write to me of this metatarsal fistulation more? And do you have photos of your dogs legs, paws?

[email protected]