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K9 Chico

Chico is a long-haired German Shepard who was born in Slovakia. Chico began his basic patrol K9 school in June 2016. In August of 2016 Chico began to display several classic symptoms of EPI (increased appetite with unexplained weight loss, yellow stools, and frequent diarrhea). Chico lost nearly 20lbs over a month and a half before being diagnosed with EPI via blood test along with concurrent conditions of low B12 and SIBO.

Upon being diagnosed, Chico was given B12 injections, treated for his SIBO, and began an immediate supplementation with powdered porcine pancreatic enzymes. The positive results were immediate. Chico began gaining weight, his stools returned to normal, and his energy levels were even higher than before his symptoms appeared.

Chico completed his basic K9 school in October 2016 and has been on the streets tracking and catching bad guys ever since.

Chico's EPI is currently managed with powdered pancreatic enzymes and B12 supplementation. Chico's condition has continued to be stable and our agency veterinarian credits that to his early diagnosis and regular monitoring of his enzyme supplementation, diet, and B12 regimen. Chico has not let his EPI hold him back and is proof that EPI dogs really can do anything.

Cpl. Robert Lees ~ Orange County Sheriffs Office (Florida)