Welcome to the Chunky Monkey Club!

This is a fun page...... the Chunky Monkey Club... was started for EPI Dogs because so many of us started on this journey with dogs looking like they were knocking on deaths door....and we were scared....very scared that our babies just were not going to make it!  And then, once we found the balance to managing EPI they stopped losing weight.... then they started to gain weight.... and many (much to our pleasure) gained and gained.... and gained some more weight!  AND THEN.... many of us even had to put our once starving dog on a D-I-E-T!!!!!  Can you imagine?  So this "Chunky Monkey Club" was started in fun to simply celebrate !

Welcome to the Chunky Monkey Club!!!

  Members: (to include your dog's name (and picture if you'd like) please email to: [email protected] and they will be uploaded here).



 Rose's "JADE" 


Three years dealing with EPI ......quite the Chunky Monkey ......and doing GREAT! 


Member ... Doc


Doc is now considered a "chubby wubby" instead of a "bubby wubby" ... welcome to the Chunky Monkey Club!!!!! 

The EPI4DOGS saying "if you've met one EPI dog, then you've met just one EPI dog" definitely applies to my Doc aka "Bubby Wubby" aka "Chubby Wubby".  We brought Doc home from the breeder in late May 2014, after we patiently researched and waited to get my husband's dream dog - a solid black GSD.  We were so excited for our new addition to the family and I even took a week off of work for "puppy potty training."  Unfortunately, Doc was very sick from the day we brought him home with constant diarrhea and urinating literally every five minutes.  He was diagnosed with bladder and coccidia infection.  After the infections cleared, he continued to have diarrhea which turned into huge, bright yellow cow pies, the smell of which would literally knock you off of your feet.  Although my vet never treated an EPI dog before, luckily she was familiar with the symptoms and at three months old he was tested for EPI - B12 and Folate also.  The results were negative for EPI but he was diagnosed with SIBO.  From August 2014 until February 2015, Doc grew and was the most gorgeous, happy, goofy dog and a whopping 95lbs.  In mid-March 2015 we started basic obedience classes at our local pet store, and shortly after the trainer commented that Doc looked thin and we should consider changing his food to something better.  When I took Doc to the vet (a different one) I was surprised to find that he had lost a few pounds, but the vet thought he looked good and it was better for him to be thin than overweight.  A few weeks later, when we could feel his spine and see his hip bones and ribs we went back to the vet and again was told everything was fine.  At the beginning of May 2015, Doc had diarrhea for two days and on the third day he threw up all over his crate.  We rushed to the vet and had fecal and blood tests run - everything came back normal.  Almost immediately Doc began eating his poop, but we were advised it was normal puppy behavior although he had never done it before.  I knew something was seriously wrong with my Doc and by this time he had lost 14lbs so I asked for the EPI test to be run again.  It came back positive for EPI, low B12 and high Folate (SID/SIBO).  I was completely devastated and felt like we had been handed a death sentence for our dog and cried buckets.  Then when I was told how expensive the enzymes were and he would need them for life my husband said we would have to give Doc away.  When I notified our breeder who is also a vet I was told Doc couldn't have EPI because he did not have "classic EPI symptoms" of diarrhea first then weight loss.  I dried my tears and began researching EPI and luckily found EPI4DOGS and Enzyme Diane, who have become our guardian angels and learned every EPI dog is different.  My vet was unfamiliar with the most current information on how to manage EPI, so I trusted my gut as I did when I knew Doc was sick, and followed the guidance of the many wonderful members on the forum who were gracious enough to let us join.  By doing so, Doc regained his 14lbs within just 6 weeks of treatment and his poops went from a sloppy mess to solid and formed.  Doc has maintained his weight and although his poops are not a "perfect 2," they have been stable with a score of 2 and 3 since August - unless he eats something he shouldn't.  When I took him in for a check up in December 2015 he weighed 101.8lbs and the vet said he needed to lose weight!!!!  Because Doc did not present with symptoms in the "classic" order and the fact that he continues to poop live fly larvae - Doc is definitely unique and just ONE EPI dog among many!!  We will forever be grateful to Olesia for starting EPI4DOGS, to Diane for her life saving enzymes and all of the members of EPI4DOGS for the guidance, love and support!! 

                                                                           Love ya tons Doc.... your mom, Madelon!


Member .... Winter

Sweet Little Winter



Winter had bad urine infection in February vet thought after tests it was Diabetes Insipidus. Then, the bad poop started  just thought she had eaten something but it got worse I was going every week to check her urine telling the vet she was pooping about 8 times day and night, showed them photos of the poop, did more tests all clear. Finally went on Internet with symptoms up comes epi4dogs. I went to vets asked for cTLI test he said she was wrong breed but it came back positive epi ,I became a member and was really grateful for all the advice given as I was so scared for Winter especially when she shed the lining of the bowel then I really panicked!!!!  Well, now I have to cut her food down as she has reached 7.67kg the most she has ever weighed, she is a tiny Cavalier King Charles. I know we might have setbacks but at the moment I am so happy that she is doing so well. Still problem with urine but that is another story. 

Winter's mom, Carole



Member ..... Dizzy



WOW... is all I can say about Dizzy. We picked her up from the vet recently and she weighed a hefty 93 pounds. I can't believe my very sick 55 pound dog in December 2011 is so huge now. We are approaching her 4th EPIversary and I just wanted to brag on my big girl.

We built a new home in the Spring of 2011 and we were living in a hotel until the house was finished. Dizzy was not sick when we sold our old house, but after living in a hotel for 5 weeks everything changed. Almost immediately after moving in the new house Dizzy became sick. I had recently switched her to adult dog food and thought that it had messed her stomach up. We kept trying different dog foods, but none helped the constant diarrhea she was having. One day I just gave in and gave her table food because she was so skinny. She actually had undigested food the next day in her poop. I told my husband and he said something's wrong with her pancreas. I started researching and found this site. I printed out the information and took it to my vet and said test her for EPI. We received the call on Christmas Eve that she was positive for EPI. We were told to order enzymes and that was it. After 11 months of only gaining 5 lbs and still having soft poops, I finally got the courage to post a thread on here about Dizzy.

I'm so happy I did because you guys gave me the missing pieces of the puzzle to get my girl well. They were B12 and pro-biotics. I will forever be thankful for the help I received. 

Member.... Riley

One very special pup.... Riley!


Riley is a 6 year old Labradoodle, we got her when she was just 10 weeks old. She has always been a special pup, and I have always had a bond with her that is different from other pets in my life.

 In April of 2014, she began to have some digestive issues that consisted of occasional vomiting, rumbly stomach, terrible gas and diarrhea.


A familiar EPI story. 

We went to the vet, she was given antibiotics (metro) and probiotics and put on a bland diet which consisted of chicken and rice.  Things we now know weren’t doing her any favors. She got moderately better, then regressed.  Took her back to the vet, she was given more anitbiotics.  Meanwhile, Riley was beginning to waste away despite eating greater and greater volumes of food. She became a scavenger in our home eating whatever she could find. (often breaking into the pantry and eating whatever she could reach). This was so out of character for her. About this time, she began to have an oily leakage from her behind. Every day I had to give her a bath as the oily discharge was all over her fur in the morning. Poor girl! This was the thing that sent us in despair to the vet yet again. By this time it was September 2014.

Finally I saw the senior vet in the practice, which happened to be her regular vet. He suspected IBD and drew blood for testing.

Soon after I received a call from him telling me the diagnosis of EPI. At that time, I was so happy to find out what the problem was, I did not understand the full impact of this diagnosis.  It was only as I began to try to get her to stabilize that I did some research and realized the lifelong implications of EPI. I was very worried.

Riley did not begin to dramatically improve until I found the Epi4dogs website/forum and began educating myself and following their advice.

 Since joining the forum in October 2014 and getting her on track, Riley has gone from her low of 33 pounds to her current weight of 44.2 pounds as of 2/25/15. Pre diagnosis her heaviest weight was only 40 pounds!

I would like people just starting out on this journey to see hope through Riley’s story. EPI is totally manageable when all the components are addressed. 

My biggest piece of advice to those newly diagnosed??  TRUST THE FORUM!

Riley's mom, Elisabeth!



Member Lola

 Our "Lola"


Lola's story as we know it has a very sad beginning.  She was left abandoned in an empty home- not sure why.  She was found 3-4 weeks later still alive , with no hair, and very weak.  She was a survivor and with treatment got better.  Lola was placed in a foster home and over a period of time came to have trust with her family.  We were not looking to adopt at the time, but a friend was very certain that Lola would be a good addition to our family.  We did a weekend  "sleep over" and Lola quickly found her way into our heart. (This was June of 2013). She became our Lola a week later!  She was scared not knowing us and her fear was real that we would abandon her.  We were able to work with a trainer in our home recommended by our local pet hospital and learned how to establish an environment to help Lola thrive. 


Lola had difficulty maintaining weight and was always hungry and had coprophagia.  Call me a nervous first time dog mom! My husband and I both have medical backgrounds, so we did many internet searches and found the EPI website.  I requested testing by our vet and Lola came back positive for EPI in September of 2013. Thus began our EPI journey and Lola is in enzymes, B-12 injections, and folate.  Lola started at just 20lbs and now is a fat and sassy 30 lbs and on a diet!  I got great information from the EPI forum and website and can't say thank-you enough.


We celebrated Lola's birthday on Memorial Day and our one year anniversary of her joining our family!! 


She and my husband, Bill are best buddies during the day and have settled into a regular routine. Lola greets me each night with a favorite toy for a game of tug and fetch!!  We are certainly blessed to have her as part of our family and can't imagine life without her!.


Proud Parents of our "Lola" .. Beth and Bill Bell


Member ... Petunia

Petuniasmom (Amy Hale) and Petunia. 

Her before picture is from Feb 5, 2014 and she is 15.4 lbs and her after was taken July 31, 2014 at a weight of 26 lbs! She might have a diet in her future. I would like to share these photos so it may give some one else the comfort other stories and pictures on your site gave me.

Thank you,
Amy Hale and Petunia

Member Marley

 Puppy Marley 

Grown-up Marley

Marley came home from the breeder at 8 weeks in May of 2011 and we were thrilled when she got off the plane from way across the country. She was a good puppy who never had an accident in the house and while she was a little reserved around strangers and strange dogs she was otherwise a normal, happy puppy. Around 10 months of age, she started to have bouts of diarrhea, but these would always clear up and could be explained away by her getting into something or her being close to a heat cycle. It seemed a little strange that is was always Marley and not her brother Hemi(who is a lab and thus would eat anything) who had loose poop. Looking back she was always thin, but the vet and breeder assured me that with giant breeds it takes time for them to fill out and with two active puppies we walked anywhere from 10-20 kms a day plus all the playing she did. At one point Marley was getting 12 cups of Solid Gold food a day and was still thin.

 By the time she was 18 months, the episodes of diarrhea were becoming more frequent, we did the usual switching foods, antibiotics and deworming. I started giving her solid gold plant enzymes and this seemed to help and she got to 94.2 lbs by the time she was 2. In the late summer/fall of 2013 Marley started to lose a little weight and her loose stools were pretty constant. I had requested the test for EPI when she was 18 months as her sister had tested positive, but the vet said it couldn't be EPI as she always got better. In October she had a lump removed and we discovered she had lost 15lbs. The lump was infected, so she was put on clavamox and then metro and fenbendazol in case she had giardia and her poop firmed up and she put 5lbs back on. Within days of finishing the metro she crashed hard and by the time I found this site and insisted on the test she had lost almost 30lbs...her test came back with a TLI of 2.1 on December 24th 2013. We really thought she was not going to make it, you could feel every rib, see the outlines of her hip bones, she did not grow a winter coat and would shiver if she was outside for any longer than 2 minutes. Additionally Marley would do anything to get food, counter surfing and stealing food from your hands while you were eating. She ate everything she could get in her mouth...rocks, sticks, leaves, earplugs and 2 lbs of bread dough that was rising on the counter. Policing her from getting unwanted stuff was almost a full time job. We were given contradictory, inaccurate info from the vet and it is only due to the help I received here and from Diane that we are where we are today. 6 1/2 months after diagnosis, Marley is 97.5lbs, a little more than 3 lbs over her highest weight and except for a little reflux and having a bit of a bad attitude towards strangers she is perfectly healthy and you would never know she has anything wrong with her. For those who are just starting out, don't lose hope, with time and patience you will get there.  


Member .... Wallace

 Wallace came to me at 10 months old, he was rescued because his owners weren't coping with his EPI which had been diagnosed when he was 4 months. He actually arrived as a foster dog but very quickly we knew he wouldn't leave, and so we joined the FFC (Failed Fosterers' Club!).


 Wallace was 20kg when he arrived but thanks to the forum we got him up to 27kg. Unfortunately he was quite a fussy boy and not a great eater, he stopped eating and went back down to 24kg. He started eating again and went back up to 27kg, then again he stopped and went back down to 24kg, and so it went on. He would eat for a few months, stop for a few weeks, get to 27kg, go back down to 24kg. We tried everything to keep him eating but nothing worked. It didn't help that he had other issues with oils and we had to search really hard for a food with no added oils.


I had set my target of 30kg for him, I felt at that weight he would look just right but for years he stayed lean and I just couldn't get those last few kilos on him. Then he developed Metatarsal Fistula, the treatment was steroids, finally the yoyoing stopped, the steroids kept his appetite up and he ate consistently well and reached 28kg but still we couldn't get to that target. I decided to stop worrying, he was happy, healthy and very active.


Then in February 2014 Wallace started losing weight again. I was gutted, I was really worried something else was going wrong. But he started eating sticks in the garden, he hadn't done this since he had stabilised, this was the clue, he was hungry. Obviously something had changed in his body, so I decided to try increasing his enzyme ratio and adding in an extra meal again for a little while. Result!! He gained 3kg in the first month and 2kg in the second month, this 5kg gain got us to the 30kg target weight. AT LAST, 3 years and 7 months from when he arrived.


Wallace was already getting huge amounts of enzymes compared to other German Shepherds, he now gets humongous amounts but I don't care, it's working for him and that's all that matters. Just goes to show how every EPI dog needs his or her own formula!

 Wallace's forever-grateful failed forster mum, Gillian



Mike’s little Fiona’s EPI journey…. 

 I brought Fiona home from the breeder in August of 2012 as a ten week old puppy. I was ready for a new Cairn Terrier following the passing of my beloved 14 year old Toto-dog Fergus. My other old Cairn McKenzi was a bit lost without him as well.


The first few months were fine. Fiona was growing rapidly...and catching on just fine to housebreaking and command training. By 7 months of age she was up to 12 pounds. I first noticed something was wrong when one day she had a bad round of soft stools. I chalked it up to eating something she should not have. After 3 days she was not improving, so off to the vet she went where she was put on a bland diet and given some meds for a possible intestinal infection. She improved for a few days but soon her stools again became soft and very frequent.


The vet tried some stronger meds as well an antibiotic shot...fecal samples came up with high levels of fat. At the same time Fiona's weight was beginning to drop. After a week my dog was back at the vet....stools loose, yellow, looking like mud. Her weight had dropped to a scary 7 pounds. Blood work was done again and the vet was concerned that either her liver was shunted or she was suffering from a pancreas issue called EPI. An ultra sound and tests would be required. That afternoon I took my dog immediately to a specialist at a 24 hour animal hospital down in Connecticut. I didn't know what to think as I turned my beautiful Cairn Terrier puppy over to the vet. She would be spending the night...having an ultra sound and a battery of tests. Would I get her back?


The following afternoon the vet called with the results. She was EPI positive 100% no doubt. I picked her up along with a big jar of enzymes as well as instructions for diet. During her overnight stay....my skinny and ragged little dog had made friends with everybody there. Her spirit and sweet kisses told everybody there she was a fighter.


Within 2 days....with the help of her powdered PancrePlus enzymes and her new food...Dave's Grain Free Chicken kibble...her stools firmed back to normal. Within 2 weeks she was back to 13 pounds!


Fiona is now coming up on her second birthday....she has matured into a beautiful blonde black tip Cairn Terrier and weighs in at a chunky 17 pounds!!! She happily takes her enzyme loaded food and other than an occasional B12 check....is healthy and happy.


Who knows what bumps she may hit....but the doctors called it right when they said she had spirit and a will to survive. 


Member ... Hess


Hess was diagnosed with EPI in 2007 when his weight dropped from 45kg (100lbs) to 33kg (72lbs).  With the right help he recovered and was back up to around 42/43kg which he maintained.  I am one of the lucky ones with an 'easy'  EPI.  His slide to the dark side happened in August 2013 when he suffered a gastric torsion and needed emergency surgery. I almost lost him but he came through and did good although his weight dropped to 40kg.  With the help of this fantastic site, epi4dogs,  we got him back up to 43kg when he was deemed fit enough to undergo a second operation in October for a gastropexy to 'fix' his stomach. Which was very successful. 
     Unfortunately these operations put his gut into overdrive and it took from October till now, March 2014 to get it under control and  get Hess gaining weight to the point that he is now back to his pre EPI weight.
  The vet thinks he is too fat but I am reluctant to put him on the dreaded D (diet) word.  He drops weight so quickly I want to keep something in reserve!!

He will be 9 in June and is happy, healthy and fat!!  I now call him my Chunky Monkey! 



Maureen's "not so little" little Merry


Merry was 31 lbs at diagnosis and then stable at about 39 lbs for 5 years. Now hahahaha ....42lbs and a bit on the chubby side. Not sure how I am going to be able to put her on a diet because of course I have spent 7.5 yrs worrying about getting her to eat enough.
I would wish this problem on all  EPI dogs who struggle to get weight on!

 You GO girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Member ... Tripp




Tripp (American Staffordshire Terrier) in February 2013 weighing 10 lbs. at 6 mos.  He had a broken leg and pelvis from abuse, yeast infection from ear mites and demodetic mange.  He was diagnosed in May and began treatment with antibiotic, B12 and enzymes.


October 2013 - 14 mos. old and weighs 46 lbs.  All prior injuries and infections healed.  He is a happy and playful boy now.  Still on Enzymediane and B12.  His ideal weight is about 40 - 45 lbs.  He has been cut from 4 cups of kibble a day to 3 cups of kibble a day.  Thankfully, no SIBO since July.


The last picture is my favorite of him. 


Tripp and his mommy are forever grateful to Olesia, epi4dogs, Enzymediane and Dr. Snell.

~Barbara… owned by Tripp~ 

Member Zoe

Connie's little Zoe


... a pleasantly plump little pixie of a dog. Her fur is so shiny now, I have never seen it so nice!  Her lowest weight was ten pounds so she never got a thin as some dogs, but i could feel her bones. Now she is a lot of muscle and no bones .  We have had a few fights with SIBO but since starting the B12 shots a year ago we have done much better. She had one set back around July 4th, 2013 due to fireworks anxiety and me, her Mommy deciding to try a new food on her at that anxious time..... but after one real bloody yucky pooh and a vet visit, we went back to the old food that seems to work well.  She is doing the best she has in her entire six years of her life!  Actually.... i am very proud to say that Miss Zoe now needs to lose two pounds!!!! Yippee!!!


Member Sadie

Christina's "Sadie" the Bouvier des Flandres and her amazing recovery


Sadie went from her low weight in December 2012 of 63.4 pounds......


to 82.4 pounds today July 2013 !!!   (11 year-old Bouvier sister Lucy is in the background)




Member Apollo

 Sylvie's Apollo....














Member ... Patron (the first Spanish Mastiff world-wide to be diagnosed with EPI!)

Brenda's "Patron" before and after shots.  

The enzymes from Diane are great, Just opened up the bag this week and started on them, after finishing the other manufacturer's enzymes. Costco Kirkland Grain Free Beef Meal & Sweet Potato is working good for him. It's half the price of Taste of the Wild so it helps me out financially.  No more smell.

Look how proud he looks in the 2nd photo... he is glowing! He is back to running the ranch, he is the boss again and has put all the other males in their places. He runs like Man O'War again, plays, is happy and so am I !!! 


      Patron before EPI treatment
      Patron after EPI treatment


Member ... Layla


A crazy string of events brought Layla and me together, but I'm happy that it all happened because we're inseparable now. After Layla was diagnosed with EPI, you could say that I saved her life, but she's brought so much joy to my family and I that I would say that life saving worked the other way around. My heart broke for her when she started losing weight, and then lost some more. I'm thrilled that she's her old, healthy self again, and she's actually chunkier than before the weight loss! She's a little chunky monkey!


 Layla busy at the computer.....

Layla with best buddy, Jack

 Layla with her mom, Stephanie 



Member ... Sirius

Geralda's "Sirius" back in June 2009 

And a super-sized, super-happy "Sirius" today,  February 2013 

 We were much luckier than many with EPI dogs—my vet was familiar with the condition and a good friend’s GSD had had EPI.  Also, Olesia's article in “The Whole Dog Journal” was published only a month or so prior to his diagnosis; I used it as a bible for the first year or so.  Sirius was diagnosed at 11 mos., after he had lost 7 pounds in about a month.  My friend had leftover enzymes after her dog had died, which she donated to Sirius.  He improved immediately with enzymes, and I then switched to Diane’s enzymes with no problem.  He disliked the mushy food, so I attempted to change him over to Creon on several occasions, but he did not do well consistently.  We did not initially test his B12 levels, but found them to be very low (<200) after he became more aggressive and developed tics, in early 2011.  He did not maintain his B12 levels with the TAMU protocol, so switched him to the special oral B12 with the intrinsic factor, which has worked well.  Since I found a grain-free food that he really likes (Fromm Salmon Tuna), he has done really well with Diane’s 8x enzymes, into his present chunky weight of 67 pounds.  Perfect weight for him is about 62 pounds.

Member ... "Quantum"             (An amazing accomplishment)

 This is Katrina's "Quantum" from New Zealand.....an amazing example of EPI recovery (and Chunky Monkey status) ..... Quantum just won 

(Drum Roll Please!) the 2012 New Zealand (presented March 2013)


Member.... Hope

Nancy's "Hope" was diagnosed on March 1st 2012 with EPI at 11.3 lbs...... Now on October 22, 2012, Hope is truly a   Chunky Monkey at 16.2 lbs and doing great!

 (sadly Hope passed away from another complication on March 2, 2013....
but she fought and won her battle with EPI)

This is HOPE cruising in her Harley Davidson duds .....

 and HOPE relaxing !

Member ... "Nikki"

This is Michaela and Nate's EPI gal, "Nikki"....

Nikki’s first day home after spending four days at the hospital in guarded condition with EPI & septic abdomen in Dec 2010.  She had lost 10 lbs in two weeks and weighed 47 lbs.

Almost two years later she weighs 64.9 lbs (two pounds over her ideal weight).  It took a while to get here between trying different foods, dealing with SIBO & B12 deficiency but we made it and owe a lot to Olesia and the wonderful members of this group.  Nikki enjoys her home cooked meals and we had to cut her calories back just a little bit so she wouldn’t gain anymore weight....WOW!


 "Jewels" wearing the CHUNKY MONKEY COLLAR!!!

Ashley's "Jewels" 13 year old Jack Russell Terrier diagnosed with EPI June 29 2011. Chunky Monkey Weight
18.8 lbs .... was a sad 9.2 lbs at time of the initial diagnosis!

What a difference proper treatment makes!!!!!

(sadly, Jewels passed away Nov 2012 from other complications)

Member ... Brandy

 .............Alan's EPI dog, "Brandy" has also joined the coveted ranks of "The Chunky Monkey Club"

This is Brandy when she was first diagnosed with EPI in March 2012 weighing only 50lbs
... and this is Brandy 6 months later, September 2012, weighing in at 73lbs


Brandy, whelped 5/16/10. Purebred Sable GSD DDR Female (Spayed). Diagnosed EPI March 2012 at <50lbs.

Went thru the SIBO routine and got it cleared up with Tylan (Tylosin) 40 day regime.

Feeding: Earthborn Holistic Grain Free Coastal Catch, 3x day - 1.5cup each. EnzymeDiane's 6x - 1/2 tsp each feeding. TRINFAC-B Intrinsic Factor - 1 cap daily. Occasionally, as a topper, I add a couple spoons of Solid Gold Canned Green Tripe or Sardines in water or Tunafish. She loves it!

As of July 2012 she is doing GREAT and over 60lbs.
Started feeding without incubation on Jul 17th and no problems.**
**Reduced feeding to twice daily on Aug 14th (as she was near her optimal weight).**
** Sept 4th, weighed in at 73 pounds (optimal weight for her size).**

Thanks to Olesia for this wonderful Site and the folks that participate in it. You ALL saved my Brandy. Also a BIG THANKS to Diane & Sarge (RIP).

Member ... Jed

This is Jed, diagnosed with EPI at age 2, weigh 66 lbs.  Now 7 1/2 years old and slimmed down to a nice 100 lbs from 106 lbs. Amazing, eh?!                  Leslee and one very much loved "Jed"


Member Ebi

This is our sweet Ebi.  When she was diagnosed she weighed only 36 pounds at 
about 9 months. Today she is up to 60 pounds!!!!! Although she still needs to
gain another 8 to 10 pounds ... and gaining weight is a struggle with her... in
our eyes, she has achieved her personal Chunky Monkey status... going from 36 to 60
.......Ebi's lovin' mom, Molly

Member Orion

Orion's story...


Orion was diagnosed with EPI October of 2011 at the age of  9months.  He went from 66 lbs down to 54.6. As of April 16th 2012 his current weight is 72.1 lbs. and gaining !! He is playing and having fun again. It's been a long journey and I've learned a lot thanks to all of you at the EPI4dogs website.

Patty and Orion


This is Alan's dog Sky who now weighs in at a whopping 32 kgs!!!! (70+ lbs) ... and proud to be a Chunky Monkey member!



.....another addition to the Chunky Monkey Club is.... drum roll please.....Kelli's "Addie"
Addie dropped down to a frightening 25 lbs ... but with proper treatment for EPI.... she came roaring back and is now tipping the scales at 40lb... and weighs more now than she ever has - -even before EPI !


Donna and William's "Onza" ...... now a pleasantly plump princess !!!!

... yep..... just ask her, "Onza" will gladly tell you all about her EPI journey and just how wonderful it is to be feelin' so good now!


Shirl's "Pixie" went from 11.2 lbs to 19.5.  We had already cut back her food when she reached around 18 lbs, so we had to cut back even more!  Now she's down to 18.7 which is pretty good for her size, not too skinny and not too chunky.

Member ... Tripp





 Tripp (American Staffordshire Terrier) in February 2013 weighing 10 lbs. at 6 mos.  He had a broken leg and pelvis from abuse, yeast infection from ear mites and demodetic mange.  He was diagnosed in May and began treatment with antibiotic, B12 and enzymes.


October 2013 - 14 mos. old and weighs 46 lbs.  All prior injuries and infections healed.  He is a happy and playful boy now.  Still on Enzymediane and B12.  His ideal weight is about 40 - 45 lbs.  He has been cut from 4 cups of kibble a day to 3 cups of kibble a day.  Thankfully, no SIBO since July.


The last picture is my favorite of him.


Tripp and his mommy are forever grateful to Olesia, epi4dogs, Enzymediane and Dr. Snell.

~Barbara… owned by Tripp~



 And yet another Chunky Monkey member... Alyssa's dog "Vito" who went from 58lbs to a whopping 90LBS!  Wheeee!

Member ... Kain

Nicole's "Kain" is now a member of the Chunky Monkey Club also... and this membership is extra special since Kain was one of those... ahem...shall we say "slightly fussy" eaters! But here he is now, 76lbs (his goal weight was 75lbs) YEAH Kain !!! His meals have now been reduced to 3-1/2 cups of dry food a day / broken down into 2 meals, first is 2 cups, second is 1-1/2 cups.

Member ... Butterbean

And Susan's "ButterBean" certainly belongs in the Chunky Monkey Club too!! Vet recently said he'd never believe it's the same dog if he didn't know better!

Member ... Miss Lulupants


Craig's "Miss Lulupants" is an official CHUNKY MONKEY!... Or as her Mother prefers to say, 'a Miss Fatty-boom-stick-fluffy-pants'. Lulu has just weighed in at a buoyant 21.5kg!

After over a year of SIBO-free loveliness and weight maintenance at 19.5kg we had a little set-back in December which we couldn't correct and needed a solid course of Tylan to wrest back into shape. So we commenced a regime of 1/4 tsp Tylan twice per day and one Metagenics B12 pill per day. After 6 weeks we tapered down to 1/4 tsp Tylan once per day for 4 weeks (which we are in the midst of, then we'll try every other day for two week etc tapering it off). But interestingly after the SIBO started to give up the ghost in about week 4 the daily B12 really kicked in it seems and she's stacked it on.

Lulu is as active as ever (probably more so  but the results have led us to DECREASE her food intake by 1/2 a cup per day for the moment. We thought we'd see how this goes in the spirit of 'one change at a time' and leave the B12 intake where it is. She might just settle on less food, more B12 = healthier Lulu. We shall see.

 But for now y'all can see the difference 22 months makes for I found a picture of her two months after diagnosis (first photo below) when we were still struggling with a lack of grain free food, the residual non-effects of plant-based enzymes so prevalent in Australia and not having yet secured a stash of Tylan. For a picture-taker I didn't take many when she was sick so was pleased to find this one now.


Lulu now thriving


Member ... Ayasha

Frank's "Ayasha"... and.. well... and Frank too...

"Ayasha" was at the Vet on Monday.  She was a member of the chunky monkey club a couple of years ago.  She got up to 104 lbs and had to go on a diet.  We got her down to 94 lbs and has been doing well.  On Monday she tipped the scale at 100.7 lbs.  So Dr Drake breathed that dreaded word; DIET.  It's not all her fault.  With some of my health issues, I have also re-gained about 20 of the 40 lbs I had lost.  With winter here we are both going to try and do a little more.  So, Ayasha, nor I, are not happy with a little less, but it needs to be done.

Ayasha's story is a good/bad story and mine is just a bad/bad story.

Member ... Dexter & Jackie

                                                   Michele's Dexter....the first day in his forever home

                                                 and Dexter today..... a member of the Chunky Monkey Club!

                                                  reminding me every day to take time to smell the roses ... 

            ... and the best thing in the whole wide world.... watching Dex &Jackie laughing and playing together !!!


As I write this - I am tearing up looking at the pics of Dex on the first day he came to us and how far he has come - he was 72 lbs and his hips and ribs could be seen and his EPI was not stable.   Today we took him for a weigh in and he is 105 lbs - 105 lbs of pure love and he is perfectly stable! 
It has been an amazing journey with him.   We took him in on April 2, 2011,  thinking we were fostering him and the first night he was with us, well...we fell in love with him.   He and Jackie bonded from the very first night (here is a video clip of how beautifully they interacted on that very first night)  http://s970.photobucket.com/albums/ae189/danimi01/?action=view&current=P4020028.mp4.    He is an old soul who just wants to be at your side and make you happy - we celebrate him every day.   

God Bless each and every one of you who open your hearts and homes to these guys and give them a chance, who fight for them every day to see they are all they can be, who have truly learned the love of a dog - we are all better people for it.

Member ... Hondo

And another Chunky Monkey Club member...   Karen's" Hondo" went from around 65 lbs to 100 lbs and was put on a diet and maintaining now around 93 lbs.

Doesn't even look like the same dog, eh?!

(sadly HONDO passed away in 2013 due to complications other than EPI) 


Member ... Izzy

epi4dogs was started because of this plain, little, brown dog who was the first Spanish Water Dog world-wide to be diagnosed with EPI....EPI???? What is EPI?  I had no idea back then.....all i knew is that my little dog was sick, she only weighed 27lbs and i thought she was going to die.  After we got her on the right treatment, time flew by and my plain little brown dog got healthier and healthier.... she now hovers around 48/+ lbs and has had to go on a diet 4 times and at 7 years old is still playful and embraces life!

Help spread the word about EPI !

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