Epi4Dogs Foundation, Inc. is a Non-Profit Public Charity Organization that was awarded it's tax exempt status on September 22, 2014, effective August 8, 2014

EPI4Dogs Fdn Inc 501c3 exemption letter.pdf

Epi4Dogs Foundation, Inc.

 Our purpose

Epi4Dogs Foundation, Inc. is a non-profit corporation and shall operate exclusively for educational and charitable purposes within the meaning of Section 501 (c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code, or the corresponding section of any future Federal tax code. 

Epi4Dogs Foundation Inc.’s mission is the advancement of science and education relating to EPI (Exocrine Pancreatic Insufficiency), yielding useful insights and positive outcomes in better managing EPI in dogs and cats.  Our goals are to support and/or collaborate with veterinary EPI research and researchers, and to promote EPI awareness by educating the general public, pet owners, pet organizations, rescue and shelter organizations, veterinary schools and veterinarians.


Contributions to Epi4Dogs Foundation, Inc. will be tax-deductible.

 Epi4Dogs Foundation, Inc. is not organized and shall not be operated for the private gain of any person. The property of the corporation is irrevocably dedicated to its educational and charitable purposes and no part of the receipts, or net earnings of the corporation shall be used for any activities other than its mission. Epi4Dogs Foundation, Inc. will always retain control over the contributed funds and will provide the relative information regarding its activities on its website: www.EPI4Dogs.com

 An accounting of Epi4Dogs Foundation, Inc. donations and distributions 

will be accounted for on this page, the accounting page,  and /or on individual event pages when applicable.



 Date Source Gross Donation information less Fees
 Sep 05, 2014 Anonymous $   850.00 Check $  850.00
 Oct 14, 2014 Anonymouse $   100.00 PayPay (less $4.20 fee) $    95.80
 Oct 11, 2014 Anonymous $1,000.00 Check $1,000.00
 Nov 02, 2014 Susan Messer $     15.00 PetFair registration $     15.00
 Nov 10, 2014 Caroline Chuban $     20.00 Cash $     20.00
 Nov 24, 2014 Susan Messer  $   300.00 Pet Fair raffles/donations $   300.00
 Dec 02, 2014 Anonymous $   250.00 PayPal (less $8.30 fee) /for Santana $   241.70
 Dec 08, 2014 Anonymous $1,000.00 Company Match $1,000.00
 Dec 09, 2014 Sharon Leh $    50.00 In honor of "Fletch"(less $1.40 PayPal Fee) $     48.60


 Dec 16, 2014Geralda Aubry  $105.00 In honor of "Sirius"  / PayPal-less $2.61 fee        $    102.39 
 Dec 18, 2014 Susan Clark $100.00 PayPal (less $2.50 fee) $      97.50
 Dec 26, 2014 Jane Downie $  31.00 PayPal (less $1.29 fee) $      29.71
 Dec 31, 2014 Deb Zilisch $30.00 PayPal (less $0.96 fee) 29.04
 Dec 31, 2014 Theresa Binnion $55.00 PayPal (less $1.51 fee)53.49 
 Jan 18, 2015 Mahi's family $200.00 PayPal (less $6.70 fee) 193.30
 Jan 27, 2015 Anonymous $200.00 PayPal (less 6.70 fee) / for Santana 193.30
JAn 30, 2015  Anonymous $8,000 For EPI Research 8,000.00
Jan 30,2015  Green Cuisine 200.00 Check To fund Photo Contest 200.00
 Feb 28, 2015 Suzy Meguerditchian $100.00 Photo Contest winnings in "Honor of Lauren" 100.00
 Mar 4, 2015 Anonymous $50.00 In honor of "Romeo" 48.60
 Mar 4, 2015 Romeo  $100.00 In honor of "All the EPI dogs everywhere!" 97.50
 Mar 16, 2015
 Dan Bailey
 $50.00 PayPal (less $1.40 fee)
 Apr 10, 2015 Anonymous $38.00 PayPal (less $1.14) Enzyme cost for "Claire"  36.86
 Apr 15, 2015 Maureen Bedard $200.00 In honor of Michele "Yard Sales for Needy Tails" 200.00
 Apr 28, 2015  Anonymous $1,000 For EPI Research $1,000.00
 Jun 07, 2015 Madelon Hale $ 50.00 PayPal (less $1.40 fee) 48.60
 Jun 13, 2015

 Knoxville TN doggie

 Mom & Dad

 $110.00 PayPal (less $2.72 fee) 107.28
 Jun 16, 2015 Paula Ichniowski $100.00 PayPal (less $2.50 fee) 97.50
 Jul 03, 2015 Maureen Bedard $200.00 In honor of Michele "Yard Sales for Needy Tails" 200.00
 Jul 03, 2015 Susan Messer $25.00 Miss ButterBean's Donations from her 11th Birthday! 25.00
 Jul 05, 2015 Julie Hamilton $60.00 In honor of Angel's memory 57.78
 Jul 19, 2015 Anonymous $50.00 In honor of Cashew




 Aug 9, 2015 Anonymous       $150.00 In honor of Santana (less $5.10 fee) 144.90
 Aug 26, 2015       Kelli       Grant $250.00 In Honor of Addie (less $5.80 fee) 244.20
 Oct 7, 2015  Joanne Sperring $6.00 PayPal donation (less $0.49) 5.51
 Oct 14, 2015  Anonyumous $10.00 PayPal donation (less 0.52) 9.48
 Oct 20, 2015 Mike Hanophy $100.00 PayPal donation (less $2.50 fee) 97.50
 Nov 10, 2015 Jessica Biamonte $50.00 In Honor of Michele's Jackie  (less $1.40 fee) 48.60
 Nov 12, 2015 Dianne Reppucci $100.00 PayPal donation (less $2.50 fee) 97.50
 Nov 12, 2015 Madelon Hale $50.00 In Honor of Michele's Jackie (less $1.40 fee) 48.60
 Nov 12, 2015 Jenna Kaunath $150.00 PayPal donation (less $3.60) 146.40
 Nov 13, 2015 Maureen Bedard $200.00 In Honor of Michele's Jackie 200.00
 Nov 13, 2015 Dyan Simms $50.00 In Honor of Michele's Jackie (less $1.40 fee) 48.60
 Nov 14, 2015 Donna Ryan $150.00 

 In loving memory of Michele's Jackie whose light will
shine in our hearts forever. (less $3.60 fee)

 Nov 29, 2015 Arlene Andreada $50.00 PayPal donation (1.40 fee) 48.60
 Nov 30, 2015 Nancy Zarro 75.00In honor of Michele's Jackie a dog with bright & colorful
ways who touched everyone with her goofy & loving
personality (1.95 less fee)
 Dec 18, 2015 Sharon Leh 50.00 PayPal donation (less $1.40 fee) 48.60
 Dec 28, 2015 Geralda Aubry 105.00 In honor of "Sirius" PayPal donation  (less $2.61 fee) 102.39
 Dec 31, 2015 Susan Messer 250.00 In remembrance of Jackie and all the other pups we lost 
this year... (less $5.80 fee)
 Jan 17, 2016Chris Cranston 50.00

 For Jan R. in memory of Spyker and her tireless efforts to 
educate others about this disease and help those dealing 
with EPI in any way she can. PayPal donation (less 1.40 fee)

 Feb 2016 Madelon Hale 35.00

 "Bark in the Park" booth fee for May 21, 2016


 Apr 4, 2016 Danielle Bach 20.00 For Research!  (less 0.74 PayPal fee) 19.26
 Jun 1, 2016 The Newmans 100.00 PayPal donation (less $2.50 fee) 97.50
 Jun 27, 2016Anonymous 100.00 PayPal donation (less $2.50 fee) 97.50
 Jul 22,2016 Darlene Senete 100.00 In honor of Buddy 100.00
 Aug 18, 2016 Michele Ferguson  50.00 PayPal donation (less (1.40 fee) 48.60
 Sep 2, 2016 Chrissy Jang 100.00 In honor of Bentley, who left paw prints on our hearts. We'll see you in Heaven, our little Angel. 97.50

Sep 21,


 Jill & John 150.00 In honor of Mr. Mickey. With your passing we were left with a predictable, boring household. Now it is filled with fun and life with TJ (jack Russell), who is now Kiya's best friend. Thanks Mickster! 146.40
 Oct 12, 2016 Nancy Bledsoe 50.00 PayPal donation (less 1.40 fee) 48.60
 Nov 30, 2016 Winnie Fairbanks 50.00 Donation in honor of AV 50.00
Gross Amt 
 Net Amount
Dec 18, 2016
 Brian Erker
  Donation (less PayPal fee)
 Dec 18, 2016
Susan Messer 
  Donation (less PayPal fee)  
Dec 29, 2016
Kate Brinkaid
In honor of the Memory of Buddy Lee and Missy
Dec 29, 2016
Darlene Senete
In honor of Buddy's certification helping others
Dec 31, 2016
Geralda Aubry
Donation honoring Sirius (less PayPal fee)
Jan 21, 2017
 Stone Keepers Cottage
Matching donation from handmade EPI tags (less paypal fee)
 Jan21, 2017
Donation (less paypal fee) 
  Feb 9, 2017
  Susan Messer
Donation (less PayPal fee)
  Mar 11, 2017
  William Gerada
Donation (less PayPal fee)
 Apr 5, 2017
  Jill Holbert
 Donation (less PayPal fee) in honor of Mighty Mickey

The 2017 EPI Calendar project was the most successful ever!!!!

Thank you to EVERYONE who contributed to this project, 100% of the calendar donations (after product and processing expenses are deducted) go entirely to Epi4Dogs... Zero dollars go to administration fees as Epi4Dogs is a 100% volunteer organization. And i would like to also thank Susan M. for the fantastic job she did on creating every single page of the 27 calendars, show-casing all of our EPI dogs (and cats too!).  Job well done!  

The 2017 Calendar Project accounting is as follows:

$8,207.50    Gross Contribution Sales

$1,715.80     Calendar Production Cost

$   193.81     PayPal Activity Fees Cost

$   685.52     Postage Cost

$     83.09     Mailing Envelopes Cost 

$5,556.28     Net Contribution Sales

Thank you EVERYONE!!!!!


Epi4Dogs 1st ever eBay Auction !!!
November 1st-7th in 2016

Thank you everyone who supported us.

Thank you to those that donated, volunteered, asked for donations, got the word out and most important Shopped!!!! It was a great success!

 Because of each of you...

The Epi4Dogs 1st Auction raised :

$1,918.94    Gross

   -   56.67    PayPal fees

$1,862.95     Net 

From the Net we subtract the shipping fees, which the buyers paid: 

$1,862.95    Net

  - 404.24    Shipping

$1,458.03    Final total


...of which 100% will go directly to EPI awareness, education and research.


Thank you, thank you, thank you!

 From your Epi4Dogs Auction Team 


"Double it!" February 2016 Matching program 


A HUGE thank you to everyone who participated in the "Double it" campaign for the Maya EPI Metabolomic Research Study being conducted by  Dr. David A. Williams and Dr. Patrick Barko at the College of Veterinary Medicine, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Champaign, Illinois  http://vetmed.illinois.edu/cmmi/index/epi-in-dogs/ to further investigate possible environmental factors that may be involved in EPI.


We raised $1700.... which was matched for a total of $3400

But.....there is more....Epi4Dogs also sent additional money for a grand total of $7000 mailed on March 2, 2016!!!!  

Thank you to ALL who participated in the Double It (match program) but also, thank you to everyone who have supported Epi4dogs with their generous donations.... which allowed us to further support the Maya EPI Metabolomics Research Study!  

2015 Photo Contest donations

 ...... Although ALL those who entered the photo contest is a winner in our eyes....

  • the #1 Winner of the Photo Contest is... drum roll please.... ROMEO!
  • and coming in at a none too shabby 2nd place was......CYNDER
  • and close behind in 3rd place was..... ZARRA
  • 4th place was ...... TURBO
  • 5th place was ...ZOE
  • and final place was .... STEVIE  


We are also very pleased to announce that the 2015 Photo Contest raised a net of  $1,298.25 that will go in it's entirety to the Epi4Dogs General fund that supports EPI Awareness and EPI Research endeavors.  


 THANK YOU TO ALL WHO PARTICIPATED.... not only did we have fun voting..... but it was extra special to see pictures of everyone's special pets and to read all the heart-warming stories... with or without EPI .... you ALL rock!

EPI bandana (distributed 2015)

$295.52 Gross Bandanna Donations

 - $ 13.97 PayPal fees

$ $281.55  net Bandanna Donations


2016 EPI Calendar project donations- (distributed in 2015)

(updated 1/25/16) The totals for the 2015 EPI Calendar project is............ drum roll please...................

  $5,491.75 Gross Donations 

- $1,227.33 Calendar production cost

- $   450.68  Postage to mail calendars

- $     46.44 Envelopes to mail calendars

- $   121.93 PayPal fees

  $3,645.37 net.....AMAZING!

Every purchase at Amazon.com aids EPI research!

Epi4dogs Foundation

Ebay ....


Donate, Buy and Sell on eBay for Epi4Dogs Foundation, Inc.
     We’d like to send out a huge THANK YOU to our own Stacie Wilkinson (mom of EPI’r Dizzy) for urging us to join eBay’s Giving Works program and for donating a portion of her sales proceeds to us. Stacie, you ROCK!
     You can support Epi4Dogs Foundation on eBay, with the eBay Giving Works program. Here’s how you can help:

Donate Directly
     You can support Epi4Dogs Foundation with a direct donation using PayPal. Just use the Donate Now button. With this method, eBay covers the PayPal fee, so Epi4Dogs Foundation gets 100% of your donation.

     You can also support Epi4Dogs Foundation when you sell on eBay.  Just designate our organization to receive 10-100% of your final sale price the next time you list an item.
     Did you know that charity listings often get more bids and higher prices than regular eBay listings?
     Boost your sales and support our critical work while you’re at it!  Plus eBay gives back to you too, with a fee credit on your basic selling fees.  Sell now to support Epi4Dogs Foundation!

     You can find whatever you’re looking for on eBay—from baseball cards to new cars and more.  When you do, shop for items that benefit us.  You can get a great deal and support EPI Awareness at the same time!  Shop now to support Epi4Dogs Foundation!

Thank you Stacie and Dizzy!

Help spread the word about EPI!

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