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DOWNLOADS:  Brochures in multiple languages, and brochures specific to certain countries around the world, Visual Instructions such as how to upload pictures, B12 availability in Australia, an EPI Log template with an actual example and Informational points that you can offer to help us better help you.

 LINKS:  Various other URL website links and/or informational sites that may be of some benefit to someone with and EPI patient.

Helpful FORUM Participation Tips

Please click on this PDF to read about various tips and tricks to easily navigate and use the FORUM"

Helpful Forum Participation Tips.pdf

November 2015 -  EPI Brochures

If you would like a copy of the new 2015 four-flap EPI Brochure to hand out and help bring better awareness to EPI.... 

download your own brochure now from this PDF: 

2015 UNIVERSAL-EPI in ALL BREEDS Brochures 3-2015 - 10d1-final version.pdf



  contact  [email protected] to mail you EPI brochures


go to EnzymeDiane's website ...scroll to bottom of Diane's "orders-USA' page  http://www.enzymediane.com/ordersusa.htm


you live in the UK or Australia, or need a brochure translated in Spanish or French or Portuguese, South AFrica  ... please scroll further down on this page for PDFs of those EPI Brochures.

This is the inside of the 2015 four-flap EPI Brochure: 

This is the outside of the 2015 four-flap EPI Brochure: 

 If you have any difficulty downloading anything, just email me at [email protected] and I will personally email it to you.

Please help us educate the public and bring awareness to EPI - - you just might save a dog's life.

UK Brochure for Managing EPI in the UK

Below is an EPI Brochure produced by Ann, one of our EPI FORUM members living in the United Kingdom listing EPI resources in the United Kingdom in an effort to help other UK members manage this dreaded condition with resources that are available to them. Thanks Ann!

 Please feel free to click on this PDF for a copy of the UK EPI Brochure: MANAGING EPI IN THE UK-FINAL 11-28-2012.pdf


 I thought I would chip in with this in the hope that it will help any of the new members and give them an insight into hopefully reducing their costs and insuring that the dog/cat receives the best treatment.


 A low fibre diet is best for your dog, i.e. below 4%.  Fat need not be restricted unless there is another medical condition. So what do we recommend? Well, a lot of us started with a duck and potatoes product which are manufactured by GA but sold under various names and I have included these below.

 Prescription diets are not required unless there is another concurrent condition that the prescription diet, such as hydrolysed food, might address.

 We give our dogs 150% of the daily recommended intake initially so a good starting point for a German Shepherd Dog is 3 meals of 200 -250 grams. We continue feeding this until they have reached goal weight.

 What other foods are there if you don’t want to use grain free? So okay, we have discussed low fibre and most cereal based foods should be avoided. Can you feed rice? Well, some of our members do but most of these tend to stick to the lamb-based ones. Burgess sensitive/ Burns lamb and rice are two…….. Whatever works for your dog and gives you tootsie roll poops 2-3 times a day and puts weight on your dog without causing any other issues. My dog does well on the Burns high energy lamb and the Barking Heads lamb products. They are more expensive but they suit my dog.

I will issue a warning: a lot of our dogs don’t seem to tolerate chicken ………so give some thought to that.

Raw food again is another option but you have to get the balance right with this one and often it can be expensive.


All of these can be purchased on the internet no prescription is required. Animed direct/Vet.Co.Uk - are a couple of sites that stock the enzymes; you do not need to purchase these from your vets. At the time of publishing some of these are in short supply.

 Are all enzymes the same? NO!  They all have different strengths (more detail on the enzyme tab of the epi4dogs.com website). Lipase is the main enzyme we look at so I have put those values against each of the major enzymes that we tend to use:


Brand of Enzyme

Amount of Lipase

Cost per Gram or capsule

Approx dose per 100 g food of Dry Food


30,000 per capsule

60 p

1 capsule


38,000 per gram

18 p

                     1 Gram 

Pancreatin (fka vet powder)

15,000 per gram

22 p

2 Grams


Pancrex Granules

5,000 per gram

17 p

6 Grams



13,000 per capsule

24 p

2 Capsule  

Creon (Rx required)


Refer to your vet


Raw pancreas


Raw to go or the butcher

50 Grams




 20,000 per gram 16p

 1.5 Grams

For anyone outside of the UK using Chemeyes Capsules and not measuring their EPI pet's food in grams the dosing is:

1/2 cup 1-2 capsules

1 cup 3-4 capsules

1 1/2 cups 5-6 capsules

2 cups 7-8 capsules 

 Most enzymes are different strengths (confusing). So this is the hard part, finding the right balance for your dog……….so what happens?? A box of Lypex doesn’t say what you need per volume of food it refers to the size of the dog for instance I need 1 Lypex per 100 grams of food some need 1.5, some need less. You have to find the right dose for your dog that gives tootsie roll poops 2-3 times per day. With Panzym I need 1.5 ml measure which gives me roundabout the same lipase as two Lypex but at a fraction of the cost this breaks down 200 grams of food…  Remember I am referring to dry food here raw or tinned require less. And also what works with my dog!!!! But by giving too little enzymes you will cause problems and likewise so will too much!!!

* Lypex (from the ManufacturerDue to the enteric coating, we do not recommend premixing Lypex granules with water. Please apply the granules directly the food for consumption, as this ensures protection of the enzymes and therefore efficacy. As Lypex is tasteless, hopefully this should not affect palatability for your pet.
     Kind regards and thank you for your enquiry,
     Lauren Davis
     International Technical Adviser
M: + 44 (0) 7525986487
E: [email protected]


 Initially many of our dogs require these but we have to obtain them from the vets we have to buy Tylan/Metro/Oxyet etc and they should advise you re dosing although we have a good tab on here called SIBO that discusses this. Tylan is the cheapest option and has been proven to work.


How important is this? VERY IMPORTANT and sadly often overlooked. Why is it important? Well please read the B12 tab for more information but this being low can cause countless issues. So what do we do? Initially I would ask my vet for a 6 week course of injections now some UK vets will sell you that vial of b12 and the needles and let you do this at home…….because B12 can be important for the rest of their lives I used to import from the states for £50.00 the Wonder Labs b12 product with intrinsic factor (Trinfac B) http://www.wonderlabs.com/itemleft.php?itemnum=6881 .....However, as of April 2014 Chemeyes http://www.chemeyes.co.uk/#!gut-health/c1xam in the UK now also carries "Trinfac B" that has the same specifications as the USA Wonderlabs Trinfac. The specifications are: 

Chemeyes' TRINFAC-B provides Intrinsic Factor, Folate and Methylcobalamin B-12 for enhanced absorption and utilization of orally administered Vitamin B-12
Each white gelatin capsule contains 
Folate as folic acid - 800mcg
Vitamin B-12(as methylcobalamin)- 1000mcg

Intrinsic Factor - 40mg 


Work with them...point them to this site it contains all the most recent research.


 Probiotics and the like: Look at a company called Protexin they carry a good animal range of probiotics and prebiotics    http://www.protexin.com/categories/dogs/24

Dorwest also carry some good products such as slippery elm etc.

 FOOD - UK Options grain free

 http://www.workinghprs.com/content/duck-and-potato-working-dog-food-30kg Larger quantity. http://www.thenookpetlitter.co.uk/proddetail.asp?navid=2&id=1144&textpage=dogfood&mainpage=dogfood&start=1




 http://www.barkingheads.co.uk.php5-18.dfw1-1.websitetestlink.com/product/fusspot *



 * This company is in the process of launching a new food and I will update the forum when I have more details

 There are also some overseas imports and if anybody uses anything that I have missed please check out this thread on the epi4dogs forum at http://www.epi4dogs.com/apps/forums/ and feel free to add to this thread: http://www.epi4dogs.com/apps/forums/topics/show/8209542-epi-in-the-uk                                  

I hope this helps!  Ann in the UK

EPI management Brochure for Australians


Below is a 6-page EPI Brochure originally produced and periodically updated by Craig. Craig is one of our EPI FORUM members living in Australia and has listed specific EPI resources in Australia in an effort to help other Australians better manage this dreaded condition.  Click on the following link for your copy of this comprehensive 6 page brochure and share it with your vet: Aussie EPI Brochure (Version: 3rd October 2016).

 A shortened version - the Australian EPI Quick Guide - is also available on the EPI Quick Guide page.




The EPI medications used in the USA for treating EPI are simply not always available elsewhere in the world... We often have to research what IS available elsewhere and modify recommended EPI treatment with what is available (such as enzymes, antibiotics, grain-free food, B12 supplementation) in other countries. 

This is a wonderful EPI Brochure geared towards treatment and products that ARE available in Australia to treat EPI. A huge thank you to Craig and of course, his EPI gal, Lulu!





The following has been submitted by one of our members, Melissa, with EPI "Maddie" from South America... a slide show / Brochure in PORTUGUESE with veterinarian information about EPI:    




If you would like a copy of our brochure in French, please click the following link:  Link to French EPI Brochure

 VISUAL Instructions for uploading pictures & Profiles on the FORUM

 Please click on the following PDF link for"visual" FORUM task instructions

1. How to upload pictures in your message on the EPI FORUM (example 1 by Frank).

Steps to take to insert a photo in your post.pdf 

2. How to upload pictures in your message on the EPI FORUM (example 2 by Lauri) 

http://webzoom.freewebs.com/epi4dogs/PDF Files/photobucket instructions by Lauri.compressed.pdf

3.  How to upload a picture in your PROFILE for the EPI FORUM.

How to Change Your Profile Photo.pdf

  These instructions, which are really easy to follow, were put together by one of our EPI FORUM members, Frank. Thank you Frank!!!

4.  How to upload a video in the VIDEO GALLERY for the EPI FORUM.  

How to upload a video.pdf


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South African EPI Brochure

IF you live in South Africa and would like to know how and what resources are available to you, please feel free to download this brochure put together by one of our SA members, Cheri McDougall (Thank you Cheri!!!) : SA EPI Brochure.pdf


Please feel free to down load the following EPI LOG, created by Lanie in honor of her EPI dog, "Milo". Keeping an EPI journal or log will help you determine what does and does not work for your dog.  It will also help you better identify the cause or trigger of possible future EPI flare-ups. Download it here... EPI Dog Log_8_2017.pdf

This log is an actual example of one of our members, Alan, and his dog, Brandy's responses. By using the EPI Log, Alan was able to quickly identify the best balance of EPI protocol for Brandy.  Brandy has responded so well to treatment, that she earned her place in the  "EPI Chunky Monkey Club".....

Sadly, Alan passed away from lung cancer on 2/11/2014  http://www.ariacremation.com/obituary/4033/#comment-2625  . We will always be thankful for Alan's kindness and contributions to the EPI community. He will be greatly missed. His EPI dog, Brandy ,has been adopted by a wonderful caring family in Texas.


If the unforeseeable happens and you want whoever is going to take care of your EPI dog when you are gone to know your pet's likes, and dislikes, Feeding regimen with EPI, etc., Please feel free to download "My EPI Dog" document My EPI Dog.pdf

Suggested Information for EPI FORUM posts .....


~ Information to mention in your EPI FORUM post ~

Some information to mention to us.... if you can or want to... this is not required.... that may help us better help you and your dog:

  • Name, breed and age of your dog ?
  • Did the dog have a cTLI blood test done… was the dog fasted for 12 hours first?
  • Was a B12 Deficiency blood test done … was the dog fasted for 12 hours first?
  • What were the cTLI score and B12 / Folate scores?
  • Was the test sent to Texas A&M Univ (TAMU) ?
  • Does you vet suspect your dog has SIBO (small intestinal bacterial overgrowth)
  • Was your dog given any antibiotics if so, what brand and for how long?
  • Are you giving your dog pancreatic replacement enzymes… if so, brand name, how much, and what is your preparation with the enzymes?
  • What brand name of food are you feeding your dog, amount and how often?
  • How are you preparing the food (warm, cold, with or without water, enzymes mixed in, letting it sit for 20 minutes or not)?
  • Has your vet given your dog a B12 shot…are they being continued?
  • Are you giving your dog treats in-between meals... What kind?
  • What does the dog’s elimination look like?
  • How often does the dog eliminate daily?
  • Does the dog have a lot of gas or tummy gurgling?
  • Does the dog seem hungry all the time and/or eats things it should not?
  • Does the dog not want to eat?
  • Has the dog’s mood changed… cranky or fearful?
  • Has the dog’s energy level changed?
  • Has the dog lost weight… if so how much and in what period of time?


epi4dogs now has its own FaceBook page.... please feel free to visit and post /chat with    

If you are interested in sharing your EPI experiences, reading about other personal EPI experiences or are just seeking to learn more about EPI from other EPI owners, please feel free to join the epi4dogs "Forum" on this site:  http://www.epi4dogs.com/apps/forums/

As of October 2011....Drs. Leigh Anne Clark and Kate Tsai's now have their own genetics research "Clemson Canine Genetics" Please feel free to visit their FaceBook page http://www.facebook.com/pages/Canine-Genetics-Research/127268637314801

If you have an EPI diagnosed dog and are interested in ordering discounted bulk-priced supplemental enzymes, they can be directly purchased from http://www.enzymediane.com/

The FATsecret website (see chicken breast as an example):  https://www.fatsecret.com/calories-nutrition/generic/chicken-breast-roasted-broiled-or-baked-skin-not-eaten has a great ingredient breakdown for all foods. Great for preparing home-made meals.

The Nutrition Calculator http://www.nutritiondata.com/    Please take a moment to visit this excellent site. It has the most comprehensive data about food composition and excellent tools to manuever within the website. Although designed for human....it is a very helpful tool to use to determine what percentages of what appropriate food to feed an EPI dog.

  • Create a pantry to analyze, compare, and save all foods and ingredients
  • Access your pantry from wherever you access the Web
  • Customize personal preferences for food searches according to your dietary needs  

Help spread the word about EPI !

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