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Photos from various EPI Gatherings around the World

Over the years, various wonderful and generous EPI owners have hosted "EPI Gatherings" as a way to get to know others, offer support and camaraderie to others dealing with EPI.

We have always posted those pictures from these events in threads on the epi4dogs FORUM... however.... (wish i thought of this sooner) .... i finally realized that it would be very nice to have a page dedicated to these amazing folks who have put on these events by posting the pictures here for all to see at anytime.  Enjoy

Oct 14, 2012 - Massachusetts "Mini-EPI" Gathering

The MA EPI Gatherings are hosted by Jan in honor of her EPI dog, Kita

The day started out with steady rain and temps in the 40's (F).  Not inviting weather to be out in an open field for 2 -3 hours.  Forecast was for gradual clearing as the day went on.  As you can imagine the turn out was less than hoped for both for EPIers and in general.  Nevertheless,  those who went had a good time, we always do though.


By the time of the police demo the rain had stopped and clearing had started.  Next came the contests. 


First came the Long Sit.  There were 20+ dogs in this.  People and dogs lined up across the field.  If the dog breaks the sit by standing or laying down you are out.  People had to walk to the end of the leash facing the dog and hold that for a while,  then turn their backs to their dog and remain still, next take a step forward with back still to the dog.  Temptations were offered to try to make the dogs still holding the sit - strangers walking near the handler or dog, and then the corker - a squirrel toy on a string being lured in front of the dogs bouncing and slithering along. Of those holding was Maureen's EPI Zoey who succumbed when Bob, trainer and the host, walked up to her (Zoey) and made kissing sounds.  The sweet girl is in love with Bob and broke the position. The winner was EPI Kaedence who was rock solid through it all.  Marcia 's husband and their non EPI dog took second.


Next the Long Down - dog must hold a down position.  Once again there were 20+ dogs.  Handlers had to walk to the end of the leash facing the dog.  Then turn their back to their dog and hold position.  This caused many to break.  Then came the temptations - man and boy walking among the dogs,  pieces of hot dogs being offered to the handlers (this thinned out the ranks quite a bit), as well as the always loved tennis ball bouncing around, and then the ever elusive toy squirrel bouncing and slithering along.  As dogs broke and were removed it was interesting to see that the EPIers or their representatives had a good showing.  The temptations were great and the hold was for quite a long time and gradually the only one left was EPI Zoey handled by Maureen's 11 year old daughter Caitlyn and her friend Rachel - both still standing with their backs to Zoey.


The EPI dogs were two for two with the big one coming up - The Tic Tac Tail game.  There were four teams of six dogs each.  Our EPI team was number four and consisted of Maureen's EPI Zoey,  Linda's EPI Kaedance,  Marcia's EPI Nina, Nadia's non EPI Maggie representing EPI Ziggy, Jan's non EPI Spyker representing EPI Angel Kita and supporter Brian's non EPI Lance.  This contest went on for several rounds and it was close, very, very close but the EPIers won! Barely but we WON.  Fourth year in a row - undefeated champs of this contest.


So not only did the EPIers remain undefeated in the Tic Tac Tail but they took all three contests with a strong showing in all. We had the three EPI dogs: Zoey, Kaedence and Nina, plus representatives Maggie for Ziggy and Spyker for Kita as well as supporters Brian with Lance, Beth with Keno, and Lisa with Anna and Zeus (littermate brother to EPI Zoey).  To those EPIers who had hoped to make it but couldn't (Connie & Matthew with Ivy, Kathy with Ted, Mary Ann with Maya and Anne with Jake)  - You were missed!


And with gratitude and tremendous appreciation for Bob White, trainer, organizer and host of this event which raises thousands for MA Vest-A-Dog and whom always shows recognition and support of the EPIers.

Jan and EPI Angel Kita
K-9 EPIers, special dogs, special people



September 2012 -EPI Gathering in PA

HI everyone!  I just wanted to say thanks to everyone for coming out to the 1st PA EPI Dog Gathering.  I feel that it was a huge success.  I think we had a nice number of people present, but we were certainly outnumbered by dogs!  Every dog got along well with one another, (as did the humans)! The bad weather waited to arrive until after the event. Please email ANY pictures from the gathering that you have, no matter how bad you think they are, I can do my best to edit them, upload them to photobucket, and put on here as well as that, I will email to Olesia for the EPI Gatherings page.  Because of the huge # of dogs, I don't think that I have one good picture of every dog looking at the camera! Hopefully others will submit some.........

I also wanted to give special thanks to our Sponsors for this year's event.  I have let these brands into my home and hope you will do the same. Our goodie bags filled with samples would not have been possible without them.


     Honest Kitchen- Embark

     The Taste of the Wild

     Fromm Family Foods

     Newman's Own Organic

     K9 Enzymes

...and a thank you to the following for contributing, their time and literature.

     Walbert Animal Hospital, Allentown PA

     Walgreen's Pharmacy, Bethlehem, PA (for valuable "W" card savings plan which can be used for
     discount Pet Meds.)


And... The winners of our prizes are as follows:

Cheryl with Kona- Door prize winner, bottle of wine.

Diane with Sasha-  Answered this trivia question correctly:  Within 5 seconds I need you to right a # down. How many letters are in:

Exocrine Pancreatic Insufficiency

Answer: 31, Won a Dog Treat and Toy Tin.

Sharon with Hans-

Kain just had a birthday this month. Add together the day of the month with the # of years and let me know your total:

Answer: 5 years + 6 of September = 11, Won a bottle of wine.

Liz Ficarra with Jasmin and Gypsy- 

Game 3:

Spell the actual word for B 12

Answer: CYANOCOBALAMIN, Won an EPI4Dogs T-shirt with basket

Congrats to all our winners and for those of you that did not win there is of course always next year!

Eva, Nicole and Mia with Kain

Joe with Kain

Cheryl with Kona (Search and Rescue dog in training)

 Part of Eliska, (who belongs to Krissy and Bill, not pictured), Kain in back with Nicole, Joe, Eva, Mia. Sharon with a hat on in rear with Hans, In front of them is Bandit, owned by Krissy and Bill, followed by Gypsy, and Jasmin pictured with Mike, Paige and friend, Liz not in picture, Steve in the blue Phillies shirt with Kody Grace, Diane with red Phillies shirt, followed by Diane with her Sasha.

Mia, Joe and Eva

Brandon, Jennifer and Alexia with "Sasha"

Eva, Hans and Mia

Eva "walking" Hans and Mia in background.  (This is their new best friend!)

Sharon's Hans with a Frisbee

September 2012 - PA event

 .. more pictures



August 2012 - Canadian "EPI Gathering" (#1)

 This event was put together by Ashley who had one EPI dog, Jewels and who then imported another EPI dog, Thor.. to take care of and give him a chance too.  The following pictures were taken by Madi Chambers who attended the event with her Coton de Tulear ("Jackson" the pup in the wheel chair). The event was held at "Harry and Ruperts Hotel for Dogs"  http://www.facebook.com/HarryAndRupertsHotelForDogs


 August 2012 - Canadian "EPI Gathering" (#2)


August 2012 - Canadian "EPI Gathering" (#3)

New England 2012 EPI Gathering

 Hondo and Molly's first time at the ocean

Karen with Hondo


Kathy is the "red haired"  lady

2011 New England EPI Gathering

 Kathy's" Ted"..... looking good, eh?!

Happy dogs everywhere !


Janet with Gracie and Fiona, Linda and Kaedence, Maureen and Zoey,  Kim and Kem with Sierra and Obi, Connie and Ivy, Jan and Tali, Pat in front with Spirit, Marcia and Nina, me and Ted, Liz,  Nadia and Ziggy
Kem and Kim with Sierra (white bandana is EPI Supporter) and Obi with EPI We Can Lick it bandana


Liz's Wilson sporting his EPI bandana

Matthew and Ivy


 Nadia with Ziggy

2010 Mini EPI Dog Gathering in MASS Oct 24

Jackie and Ted's first meeting

 Jackie, Ted, Stryker and Tally

 ... smiling Ted

 Michele and Mark with Jackie


Michele's Jackie.... getting ready for her "road trip"

 Jan/Spyker, Carol/Tali, Kathy/Ted, Mark/Michele/Jackie



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