The story of Merry is one that I have told to many owners of newly diagnosed dogs. 

We got Merry at 11 months - younger sister to our Pippin, she had no interest in herding so our herding instructor who was ill gave her to us. Though sisters Merry and Pippin were not alike. 

Her first owner died that Christmas.  I planned to do agility with her and we all moved on. Fast forward 2 years, we were at Pippin's herding lesson and I thought I would give her one last chase so into the field we went.  Five sheep at the end of a football size field. She locked on to the sheep, went out wide and suddenly 5 sheep are coming straight at us. "No herding instinct ay" says the instructor and there was no more talk of agility.

The next spring she started to lose weight, massive hunger and diarrhea. She was dying and we had no answer. Google gave us the answer and the vet got us the enzymes. In 48 hrs the symptoms were gone and weight starting to go back on. She never looked back. 

Someone once said "Merry" will never let you down and right until the day she retired she never did.

She has slowed down and is very deaf but is a solid stable weight and still runs with her brother, Aro, with great joy. We lost sister, Pippin, last summer and it was difficult for Merry as they had been so close. She is happy and willing to run and play and we are grateful for every day she is with us. Merry eats raw turkey ground bones in with 2/3 tsp 8X enzymes and Vitamin B biweekly.

~ Maureen ~ 

Special thank you to Jeff Jaquish of Zingpix for some of the fabulous photos!