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This page is dedicated to EPI dogs and cats that are hoping to find a family that they can love and be a forever companion to....  please consider giving second chance to these animals.

All contact information is included with each animal's story.   If you know of an EPI dog or cat looking for a home feel free to email the detail (along with contact info and pictures) to [email protected]

Ontario - Canada  - April 2016

  This is Shadow !

 Shadow was surrendered to the shelter when his owner became unable to care for him any longer. Having lived with the same family all his life, he was very distressed upon his arrival, but he is now doing great in his foster home and ready to find his forever family! 

Shadow is a very affectionate, loving, loyal dog who wants to learn and please. He is what you call a Velcro dog and attaches closely to his caregiver, never leaving their side. Being half German Shepherd, he may bark when visitors first arrive, but he is friendly with everyone once he meets them. He gets along great with other dogs and with cats. Shadow is fully house trained, well behaved in the house and not destructive when left alone uncrated. He is a pleasure to walk on a harness, enjoys playing ball and tug-of-war, and he loves to snuggle! Shadow would prefer to live in a house with a yard rather than an apartment. He has been around children and is fine with them, but since he has never lived with them, we would like all members of his new family to be over the age of 8. 

Shadow suffers from a medical condition called Exocrine Pancreatic Insufficiency (EPI), which is the inability of the pancreas to manufacture the enzymes needed to digest food. This condition requires that his food be supplemented with a medication that he must take with every meal for the rest of his life. In addition, it requires a monthly vitamin B12 injection and a high quality, low fiber diet to keep him at a healthy weight, as EPI may make it difficult for him to maintain weight (currently at 64 lbs). Shadow's new owner must be committed, and financially able, to provide him with the needed medications, diet and regular veterinary care to monitor his condition for the rest of his life; monthly expenses including food are estimated to be around $200 or more. To find out more about EPI, please refer to www.epi4dogs.com.

Shadow is currently in a foster home and not available for viewing at the shelter. If you are interested in meeting him, please call the shelter to make an appointment! - See more at: http://www.petango.com/Adopt/Dog-Retriever-Labrador-German-Shepherd-29230973#sthash.k5fMgof3.dpuf


Call (519) 824-3091 to speak to an adoption representative at

Guelph Humane Society - See more at: http://www.petango.com/Adopt/Dog-Retriever-Labrador-German-Shepherd-29230973#sthash.k5fMgof3.eZAxO7mj.dpuf 

Contact Information

P.O. Box 684, 500 Wellington St. West, GUELPH, ON, N1H 6L3

(519) 824-3091


[email protected]

- See more at: http://www.petango.com/Adopt/Dog-Retriever-Labrador-German-Shepherd-29230973#sthash.k5fMgof3.dpuf
  • Animal ID : 29230973 
  • Breed : Retriever, Labrador / German Shepherd 
  • Age : 8 years 8 months 
  • Gender : Male 
  • Color : Black / White 
  • Spayed/Neutered : Yes 
  • : Special Needs 
  • Size : Large
  • - See more at: http://www.petango.com/Adopt/Dog-Retriever-Labrador-German-Shepherd-29230973#sthash.k5fMgof3.dpuf



    Charlotte - Middleburg, FL - August 2015


    Charlotte is a 3 year old Chihuahua mix located in Middleburg, FL. She is 25lbs of quirky fun and she is house broken and crate trained. She loves to fetch a ball. She is picky about her doggy friends and requires slow introductions. Charlotte is good with cats and older kids but mot recommended for little ones.

    Charlotte has exocrine pancreatic insufficiency and needs enzymes added to everything she eats. There is a very generous person, Doc Tony, who is willing to pay for treatment needed as long as she is taken to First Coast No More Homeless Pets in Jacksonville


    Please contact Safe Animal Shelter for more information on sweet Charlotte (904) 276-7233.

    Buddy - TX - August 2015


    BUDDY'S STORY/Our EPI Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

    Due to Buddy's medical issues he was put on hold for adoption.  Now Buddy is
    ready for his very own family so please consider giving Buddy a chance to be
    part of your family!  Just when we thought we had Buddy's health issues
    dealt with at his next vet visit his albumin level dropped again, so we had
    to start all over! Buddy was then taken to a specialist in Dallas and good
    news is that Buddy has leveled out and his albumin level is increasing and
    staying steady!  Buddy has what is called Exocrine Pancreatic Insufficiency.

    Also, Buddy has now been put in the Share Care program with Cavalier Rescue
    USA. Veterinary support for the mile ahead! We want to help those rescue
    angels who adopt senior or special needs Cavaliers from us by sharing in the
    cost of care for the year post adoption, the mile ahead. We hope this will
    encourage more adoptions of these deserving companions. Please see the
    program details on our home page.

    Now here's Buddy's story:

    I'm embarrassed to say, I know what you are thinking.  You think I am a
    dashingly good looking Cavalier with personality to match. Yes, you are
    right about that but you are wrong if you think that's all.  There is much
    more to me than my looks! Let me take you on my journey since I've been with
    Cavalier Rescue USA.

    This is where my journey begins! First of all I wandered up and met the
    nicest lady that was just moving in to the neighborhood in Longview TX. She
    tried to find my original home but when that didn't happen she took me to
    the Longview shelter the next day. I was groomed and cleaned up and loved by
    Kimberly, a shelter volunteer who took me home until I was turned over to
    Cavalier Rescue USA. 

    My foster mom took me to the vet to get all my shots and a work up. Thats
    where we found out that I had a heart murmur and my blood work showed I have
    low albumin, which basically means I don't retain protein very well. So now
    I'm on one medication for my murmur and I eat a very high in protein RX diet
    everyday.  While we were at the vet it was obvious that I had some real
    issues with my teeth since my tongue hangs out! Well we did a full dental
    and my last 4 teeth had to be removed. Now I have the sweetest crooked smile
    that seems to make people happy when they see me!  Having no teeth hasn't
    slowed me down any as I still eat as well as my foster brothers who all have

    I am very endearing and people just want to love me when they meet me. (I
    have a special effect on everyone....I told you I am handsome right?) Also,
    here at my foster home I have the run of the house and I don't have any
    "accidents". I'm crate trained and I sleep in a crate at night at my foster
    home but I'm just as happy to sleep in the bed with my family. Oh maybe I
    forgot to tell you, I'm not a barker just a lover of all!

    My foster family will tell you I'm very happy and loving and I get along
    really well with my two Cavalier brothers and the African Grey parrot that
    lives here.  I am finally getting my fur back and even my tail is starting
    to get some feathering back! I love to ride in the car and taking walks are
    two of my favorite things. I also love to roam around the back yard and I
    especially love sitting in your lap or at your feet! I'm not your typical
    Cavalier since my life took this turn I truly know how to appreciate the
    people and things around me. I'm a happy go lucky boy that will always be
    truly devoted to my "fur"ever family.

    Don't be scared away with my medical issues because I don't require much
    more than a regular Cavalier.   Since I believe in full disclosure here's
    the breakdown for any and all of my upkeep:  my heart murmur medication is
    $40.00 for a 200 day supply or $6.00 a month and my food is somewhere around
    $20.00 for a 4 week supply and now I have enzyme powder sprinkled on my food
    and it's around $50.00 for a month supply. I occasionally have to have my
    blood work done to check my levels but other than that I'll just need my
    annual check-up.

    In closing let me tell you that you won't regret your decision to adopt me!
    I am a happy boy that doesn't require a whole lot of anything except your
    love.  I am true blue, loyal, devoted, funny and the best BUDDY you will
    ever have! Like I've said, just meet me and I'll do the rest! 

    Note from Buddy's foster mom:  Don't judge Buddy just by his pictures, judge
    him by his great big lovable heart. He truly has been a joy to nurture and
    watching him flourish has been remarkable! Buddy has always been determined
    and has a "can do" attitude! Give our sweet Buddy a chance to be part of
    your family as he so deserves his "fur-ever" home!   

    Buddy is being fostered in Longview, TX.  If you are interested in adopting
    Buddy, please fill out an online application and contact Barbara Marlow, our
    Texas Coordinator at [email protected]. You can read about our
    adoption process at the following link: Adoption Process. Please note that
    Buddy is eligible for our ShareCare program, so 1/2 the costs of his
    prescription medication will be paid for by our group for the first year
    after Buddy is adopted:).

    Color:  Tri

    Age: estimated 6 - 7 yrs.  

    DOB: unknown

    Weight:  13 lbs 

    Sex: Male

    House Trained: Yes

    Medical Conditions: Heart murmur and Exocrine Pancreatic Insufficiency

    Temperament: Sweet, good with adults, kids and other dogs and birds (not
    sure of cats)

    Recommendations: Would make a wonderful companion and would be good in most
    all households.

    Location: Longview, TX

    Region:  Southern 

    Radar in NC - July 2015


    On approx. July 28 Radar came to ruff love rescue, after his owners left him to die because he was sick and they didn't want to pay for the medicine.  We know very little about his medical condition and he will be going to our vet first thing Monday morning. What we do know is he isn't absorbing nutrition and it has something to do with his pancreas. His bloodwork isn't good and he will be considered a critical care case.   Radar was scheduled to be euthanized at 12 today, and thanks to a very caring vet tech who contacted ruff love he was saved. Literally we committed to him at 11:57, when we got the call.

    We have no idea exactly how much money will be needed for his care. After talking to tech and researching his current medical we are expecting a starting point of $600 with testing meds and probable hospitalization. He has already been to an emergency vet and now it's a keep him stable until Monday situation.

    Please keep Radar in your thoughts. He is only 13 months old.
    And please donate so we can begin his treatment immediately Monday morning.    He is being stabilized in hopes of finding him that forever home.

    Donate to:
    Blue flint animal hospital
    (336) 328-1000


    Ruff love rescue
    PO box 2013, Thomasville nc 

    Santana in Lytle, TX - November 2014


    NEEDS HOME: Santana - 2yr old female GSD not fixed


    Santana is a loving girl who just wants to play, cuddle and is full of energy. She is good with other dogs and children. Santana does not have an aggressive bone in her body but she will chase cats, so a "dog savvy" cat might be recommended.


    Santana was diagnosed with EPI (exocrine pancreatic insufficiency) in May 2014, she is in the process of stabilizing and she lives in Lytle, TX.


    Her current guardian, Emily, is just coming off the financial expense of losing a dog to cancer and cannot afford a dog with EPI (even done the most cost effective way.) Emily is heartbroken and just wants what is best for Santana.


    Please contact Emily at 254-291-0640 for all information.


    Also, please know the entire Epi4dogs.com family is here to help anyone who rescues Santana. You will not be doing it alone and we have numerous ways to save dollars and treat in the most cost effective way possible.


    Mercedes in Portsmouth, VA - Feb 2016


    This is Mercedes, but her foster mama calls her Sadie! She was born March 1, 2015, and is your typical GSD puppy! She is bouncy & affectionate, she knows her basic commands (down, sit, stay, here). She is house broken, she does well in her kennel and plays fetch & tugs. She adjusts very well to new settings, has a good "off switch", and is fun to have around. She does well with cats and other dogs, as long as the other dog doesn't mind a bouncy puppy.


    Mercedes even has her AKC puppy paperwork and passed a basic obedience class with her previous owner!


    Mercedes does have an disease called Exocrine Pancreatic Insufficiency (EPI), she was diagnosed at 9 months old. This means her pancreas does not create the enzymes her body needs to absorb and retain nutrients. Now this may sound scary, but with the proper diet and enzymes added to her meals, she can live a very long, happy, normal life. It is important that her food is grain free, low in fiber and higher in protein. The enzymes needed to treat her condition are about $85 per month, and she can even have healthy treats as long as they are given around the time she eats a meal (and has those enzymes in her belly!).  She had lost a lot of weight before she was diagnosed, but is now on track and slowly gaining her weight back healthily. Mercedes would be the perfect addition to almost any household, especially one looking for an energetic partner!  If you are an active individual or family and interested in meeting Mercedes, please contact your adoption coordinator.  Or if you are in our adoption territory, you can submit an application here:  www.southeastgermanshepherdrescue.com.  Mercedes is being fostered in Portsmouth, VA.

    Our adoption process consists of a telephone interview, a call to your veterinarian and a home visit. If you have any questions about the adoption process please contact [email protected] .


    About Mercedes:


    Available for Adoption


    Coatlength: Medium

    Highly Active

    Good with Dogs

    Good with Cats

    Good with Kids

    Good with Adults

    Has Special Needs

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