Transportation for "adoptables"

 This information has been shared with us by one of our members, Peter. Thank you Peter!

There is a group called Pilots 'n Paws, that is a federally registered charity and has its 501(c)(3). They transport adoptable animals throughout the country by plane, with volunteer pilots. I do not know if they charge for their service, but here is the link to their Web Site.



another pet transportation service is: http://www.starwoodanimaltransport.com/ 

German Shepherd Rescue in California

If you need help with a German Shepherd Dog... in California ... please feel free to contact this wonderful, caring,  German Shepherd Rescue Organization.  They are pro-active with EPI and thankfully distributes our epi4dogs brochures!

Check them out http://www.gsroc.org/2013/ 





No Kill Animal Shelters

Every so often a posting appears on epi4dogs forum from someone seeking a new home for the EPI pet. 

Although we have had some wonderful and successful adoptions take place on this site, epi4dogs.com is not set up to effectively secure pet adoptions and/or facilitate rescues  ......... however.......  we still truly care about the welfare of these silent companions.

In order to best help EPI companions find a new forever home, epi4dogs has teamed up with the "No Kill Network Organization" http://www.nokillnetwork.org/  to help those owner seeking to place their pets that they can no longer care for.

 No Kill Network

A Voice for Life
Our Mission

The nØkill Network is dedicated to promoting no-kill animal shelters, organizations, and rescue groups by helping people learn about and locate these organizations. The nØkill Network also strives to promote the no-kill model so that shelters that do not currently have a no-kill policy might take the initiative needed to gain the public, governmental, and financial support necessary to become a no-kill organization. Shelters that historically euthanized healthy, adoptable animals have been able to make this change - it is possible and we hope that this community can help to provide the ideas, education, and support necessary to make it happen for the rest of the shelters throughout the nation. Please join the community to learn, participate, and support the mission!


Thanks to a community of volunteers, The nOkill Network is able to provide the most comprehensive and current directory of no-kill animal shelters and organizations in the nation. The directory is updated almost daily with additions and updates in order to help people find and learn about each one. Click on your state below to find a no-kill shelter in your area.   Please click here for assistance 


A very special thank you to our our member,  Nicole (Kain's mom) for facilitating this association!!!


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German Shepherd Rescue Organization in Georgia


German Shepherd Dog Rescue Group of Georgia, Inc. is a state licensed, incorporated, non-profit rescue organization established in March 2004. Our mission is to find loving permanent homes for abandoned and surrendered German Shepherd Dogs in Atlanta and surrounding areas.

Our rescue does not have a shelter facility, instead we utilize volunteer foster homes to care for our dogs until their adoption. We have several foster homes located around Metro Atlanta and the north Georgia area.
All donations to this rescue are tax deductible.

100% of your donations benefit our rescue dogs. Our group members volunteer their time and efforts to this rescue without compensation.


German Shepherd Dog Rescue Group of GA

All our beautiful German Shepherd Dogs have been rescued from area shelters or surrendered by their former owners. They are currently living full time with foster families in the Atlanta area until permanent homes can be found.

All our dogs are examined by a veterinarian, up to date on their vaccinations, checked for heartworm disease and either spayed or neutered prior to adoption. All of these dogs have spent time with their foster families training to learn basic commands as well as leash walking. Almost all our dogs with the exception of young puppies are housebroken and crate trained.

For all our dogs, spending time in a foster home rather than a shelter allows for socialization of the dogs with new people and other dogs. This helps us to understand the dog's personality and temperament. Knowing and living with our foster dogs on a day to day basis allows our foster families to determine what type of home would be best suited for their individual foster dog.

Our foster homes have no more than one to three foster dogs at one time, so our dogs do truly live "as part of a family". All our foster dogs also spend a minimum of two weeks, usually more in their foster home so they can be observed for any undetected health or behavioral problems as well as get adjusted to "family life" again.

A $300 adoption donation is requested primarily to offset the costs of providing veterinary care and sterilization for our rescued dogs.


Help spread the word about EPI !

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