My girlfriend Sara and I decided to bring a dog into our life in December 2016. We started the search at the local SPCA.  Shortly after we began our search I was contacted by an acquaintance who asked if I was looking for a dog to adopt.  I told him I was and he said that he had a roughly 2 year old dog named 'Sasha' that he didn't have time for anymore and he wanted a good home for her.

I told him I would be glad to meet her and we scheduled for that night.  When we arrived and she approached me right away I noticed how skinny she was. I asked what had happened to her and was told she had exocrine pancreatic insufficiency.  I had never heard of this before and found out that basically without enzyme powder on her food she was starving to death.  My acquaintance hadn't been able to afford her powder in months.

I left his home and immediately went to the local vet and bought her a jar of powder and food and dropped it off and told him I would return for her the next day.  

I picked her up the following day and brought her home. She was nervous at first and mostly stuck to her self and was picky with her food.  Over the past few months she has become a true part of our family. She is always there in the morning to wake us up and sleeps right beside us in her own dog bed.  

When I originally got her she weighted 25 pounds.  She is currently 42 Pounds.  

All together we have 3 cats, a bunny and now Sasha.

To see Sasha happy and healthy today watch the amazing video! https://www.dropbox.com/s/8i50iqfehqep5hl/20170418_183923.mp4?dl=0