This is Zoey. Zoey's hu-mama, Corrie, won our Contest this month, so she gets to be the spokesmodel for the Epi4Dogs Facebook page for a while.

Zoey was adopted by Corrie Ferris and her husband Adam Boosey from BARK animal rescue in Ottawa, Ontario, when she was 4 months old. It was love at first sight!

Zoey, likely a GSD/Husky mix, will be 5 years old next month. She started showing signs of EPI and thanks to the information on the Epi4Dogs website, Corrie asked her veterinarian to run the TLI blood test. Zoey was diagnosed in February. Fortunately, she had only lost 6 pounds, so was never that heartbreaking version of an EPI dog. She responded immediately to the enzymes - like, poops were perfect after one meal. And she is now doing great.

Corrie and Adam contacted the rescue organization to advise them of Zoey’s EPI since another family had adopted her sister. Corrie writes “Since we read it’s likely hereditary, we didn’t want another dog out there wasting away to a bag of bones before someone figures out what she has.”

Zoey is happily living with her family which includes a 10-month old and a 3 year old skin-kid.