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by Madelon
19 Aug 2021, 20:39
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Topic: Enzymes no longer working
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Re: Enzymes no longer working

Hi Scarlet - I'm so sorry your dog isn't doing well. First a few questions: what enzymes are you using? how much per cup of food? A few things stand out besides my question about enzymes. As Alex said B12 is critical to properly managing EPI. Low B12 can affect mood, energy, weight gain, appetite, e...
by Madelon
19 Aug 2021, 20:25
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Topic: Midwestern Dog Food Recall
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Re: Midwestern Dog Food Recall

Thank you so much for posting this!
by Madelon
08 Aug 2021, 10:53
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Topic: New EPI Diagnosis
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Re: New EPI Diagnosis

Hi! I'm not a pancreatitis expert but have asked Jill to pop on. What I found regarding the CPL test and your number is that it may indicate pancreatitis but Jill will be better able to speak to that. Hang in there.
by Madelon
08 Aug 2021, 10:47
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Topic: Panakare vs. Enzymediane
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Re: Panakare vs. Enzymediane

Hi Mike - welcome to our EPI family. Don't worry, we will help guide you through the journey. One thing I do want to stress though is the B12 supplementing. Do you know what your dog's B12 level was when diagnosed with EPI? EPI dogs need their B12 on the high side of normal 600+ and supplementing is...
by Madelon
08 Aug 2021, 10:41
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Topic: Newly Diagnoised
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Re: Newly Diagnoised

Glad Piper is doing okay. I get nervous every time I have to have hubby feed Doc. I pre-measure and label everything so there is no room for error LOL - despite my efforts he has forgotten to give the B12 pill and or Zyrtec.
by Madelon
08 Aug 2021, 10:36
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Topic: New EPI dog
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Re: New EPI dog

Hi Alexis. Have you changed the food or are you still feeding the Hills chicken and rice? If so, it may be time to switch the food. Most EPI dogs can't handle rice and/or chicken. I doubt the Tylan is causing the diarrhea, although it's possible, my first suspicion is the food - especially since you...
by Madelon
08 Aug 2021, 10:25
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Topic: Recommendations on Dosage with Diane's Enzymes
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Re: Recommendations on Dosage with Diane's Enzymes

Hi Alex! You are right to compare the actual enzyme strengths (it's how I figured out my boy did better on the stronger 8x than 6x and even with that, she had a batch that was unusually strong in the 8x and he did even better with it) - I always compare the amounts and keep a log of his poop with re...
by Madelon
08 Aug 2021, 10:20
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Topic: Lypex Dosage - Please help a confused owner!
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Re: Lypex Dosage - Please help a confused owner!

Hi Bev - welcome to our EPI family! You're in excellent hands with Jean and Olesia so I won't muddy the waters - just wanted to say welcome :)
by Madelon
08 Aug 2021, 10:14
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Topic: Hair Loss
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Re: Hair Loss

Hi Laura!! First if Gemma has perfect poop, the weight is good then I wouldn't change anything. However, if it's not the first thing I would do is get a fasted B12 blood test done to see where her levels are at. Then I would start using the correct dose of enzymes to food - what you're using may act...
by Madelon
03 Aug 2021, 13:58
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Topic: Blue is vomiting
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Re: Blue is vomiting

I'm so sorry Blue is doing poorly. Olesia gave great advice as always so I don't want to muddy the waters but I noticed you were giving slippery elm only once a day - typically we recommend giving it twice a day am and pm so you might want to try adding it to the morning meal.