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by Madelon
22 Oct 2022, 09:18
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Topic: SIBO but not EPI…. Odd ?
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Re: SIBO but not EPI…. Odd ?

Hi! I just wanted to pop on and mention to keep an eye out in the future for EPI symptoms. My Doc was originally tested at 3mos old due to symptoms and his TLI was 16 but folate was high and based on symptoms the vet treated him for SID. He did great and thrived like a normal pup. At 13 mos old he w...
by Madelon
13 Nov 2021, 19:50
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Topic: Expressing Anal Glands
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Re: Expressing Anal Glands

Thank you for posting this. My EPI dog seems to be fine in this area, however, his non-EPI sister had an anal gland infection a few months back. Recently I've noticed her licking that area a bit more so I'm wondering if she needs hers expressed. I'm going to look into these products and see if they ...
by Madelon
13 Nov 2021, 19:40
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Topic: Breath/Dental Treat replacements?
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Re: Breath/Dental Treat replacements?

My vet recommends using the rough gauze pads and rubbing it gently along the teeth where it meets the gum line - my dog is not a fan though LOL LOL
by Madelon
13 Nov 2021, 19:36
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Topic: Liver enzymes ALT level of 1500
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Re: Liver enzymes ALT level of 1500

Hi - sorry I am just catching up on your thread - OMG that picture of your sweet Whiskey in the car is adorable. You're in good hands with Olesia, so I won't muddy the waters but want to emphasize B12 supplementing - I've tried reducing my boy's a few times and every time I do the poops go south and...
by Madelon
13 Nov 2021, 19:23
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Topic: Natural anxiety treatment?
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Re: Natural anxiety treatment?

Hi. I've heard some owners EPI and non-EPI reporting good results using CBD for dogs HOWEVER I suggest consulting with your vet before trying it.
by Madelon
13 Nov 2021, 19:21
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Topic: Siblings with EPI
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Re: Siblings with EPI

Hi Polly, welcome to our EPI family. Paws crossed Nalla does not have EPI but may possibly just have SID (small intestinal dysbiosis), which is common in GSD. Although we don't know the "cause" of EPI, there have been studies that show a genetic component and we have had members here repor...
by Madelon
31 Oct 2021, 16:32
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Topic: Dog not responding after 5 months
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Re: Dog not responding after 5 months

Hi! With regard to the coconut oil, we recommend using cold pressed organic coconut oil - it's a solid white. Just start off with a small amount - maybe a 1/4tsp and watch the poops. My boy cannot tolerate even the smallest amount of coconut oil. It could be that he needs more B12 but you'll be able...
by Madelon
31 Oct 2021, 16:25
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Topic: Waiting on Test Results
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Re: Waiting on Test Results

Hi Brittany! Sorry I have not replied sooner. My GSD, Doc, was tested for EPI at 3mos old because he had yellowish cow pie diarrhea that smelled worse than anything I'd ever experienced. His TLI was 16, B12 was 800 range and Folate was greater than 24 - he was diagnosed with SID and treated with 2 r...
by Madelon
19 Aug 2021, 20:39
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Topic: Enzymes no longer working
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Re: Enzymes no longer working

Hi Scarlet - I'm so sorry your dog isn't doing well. First a few questions: what enzymes are you using? how much per cup of food? A few things stand out besides my question about enzymes. As Alex said B12 is critical to properly managing EPI. Low B12 can affect mood, energy, weight gain, appetite, e...
by Madelon
19 Aug 2021, 20:25
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Topic: Midwestern Dog Food Recall
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Re: Midwestern Dog Food Recall

Thank you so much for posting this!