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by Jean
03 Dec 2020, 05:29
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Topic: copraphagia
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Re: copraphagia

We used pineapple too and it worked, except for horse poo ! Maybe a soft muzzle , but it might be that the enzymes arent doing the job properly, and the poo is smelling like food undigested, maybe add another meal and one later I the evening, we gave s rambled egg and mashed potato, trouble was she ...
by Jean
03 Dec 2020, 04:04
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Topic: disturbed nights
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Re: disturbed nights

Good Morning Mel and welcome from a UK person from good old Liverpool, where are you ?

Lypex is the difficult one to work out

if you would like to talk I am here, 2 years with Lypex and gave up

my tel no I will send by PM as well

0151 726 1468

by Jean
29 Nov 2020, 06:52
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Topic: Happy ThanksGiving!!!
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Re: Happy ThanksGiving!!!

To be honest I would rather have EPI in my life than some other conditions, My Kara was great most of the time, and she was diagnose at age 14 months, and we had her to age 10, we lost her to DM , and my Cat Cleo diagnosed at 12 years old in the 1980's and lived to age 20 , she was diagnosed way bef...
by Jean
26 Nov 2020, 12:34
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And watch them with fireworks, leave some music on for them

Different celebration this year but........

Stay safe
by Jean
26 Nov 2020, 12:22
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Topic: Happy ThanksGiving!!!
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Re: Happy ThanksGiving!!!

Happy Thanksgiving from Liverpool

We dont celebrate, but please enjoy safely

Very different world to last year, but..........things are sent to try us, and they do

biggie is to keep an eye on our fur, and winged friends, they dont like fireworks

by Jean
22 Nov 2020, 05:39
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Topic: Creon available
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Re: Creon available

Marilyn, you are a planet among stars

Thank you seems inadequate, but Thank you anyway

over the years I have had donations from the UK sent to me, and found homes for all of them

People are truly amazing and EPI brings out the best in us

Extraordinary People Incorporated

Love you

by Jean
18 Nov 2020, 09:22
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Topic: Hello All
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Hello All

Can I apologise to everyone

I have been missing for a while due to severe nerve pain , and spinal surgery to hopefully make it as better as they can, this was a wek ago so still sore

I am so grateful to everyone who has helped out


Forum Director
by Jean
27 Oct 2020, 04:40
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Topic: thirsty and pee not wanting to eat
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Re: thirsty and pee not wanting to eat

Marilyn, you have been a friend in deed for a long time, and Ruby has been part of our lives here all of that time

There are no words just huge hugs and lots of love

I am sorry I havent been around recently, a breavement that floored me

Lots of love again

by Jean
24 Oct 2020, 13:10
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Topic: Graphic - what is this in her poop?
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Re: Graphic - what is this in her poop?

Hi Kara had this, it is definitely bowel shedding due to SIBO/SID Small intestianal Bacterial Overgrowthl Small Intestinal Dysbiosis, same thing My vet Uncle Ian , no relative, was well into this one and said the bowel recovers very quickly so long as you rest it anyway we upped the antibiotics in U...
by Jean
12 Oct 2020, 04:37
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Topic: 2021 Calender
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Re: 2021 Calender

It makes it all worth while when you see your loved one on the calendar

The research for this site has mainly been Olesia over the years who has put time and effort into it, but mainly love

We have had raffles and auctions but the calendars are the big one

So enjoy