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by Barb
14 Jun 2021, 15:41
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Topic: Left over Pancreatin 8x
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Re: Left over Pancreatin 8x

Thank you for your generosity in Kara's name. We also lost a German Shepherd(Kip) to Degenerative Myelopathy at almost 13 years old. It was heart breaking to watch him decline but he was so noble during his ordeal. He gave us so much love that we decided when he passed to adopt another German Shephe...
by Barb
13 Jun 2021, 23:29
Forum: Epi4Dogs Forum
Topic: Any Tips on Enzyme Dosage?
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Re: Any Tips on Enzyme Dosage?

A warm welcome to you and Hana, Andy. She is certainly a lucky girl to have landed in your care. I am glad you are going to look at the amount of enzymes you are using with the canned food. We used Royal Canin for many years with Kolby, but at one point he started refusing, so we tried the canned ve...
by Barb
10 Jun 2021, 13:05
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Topic: Kimberly with Jake
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Re: Kimberly with Jake

A warm welcome to you and Jake. Our Kolby had ulcers at the beginning from the enzymes and sometimes some blood.....not quite as bad as Jake's. We found that increasing the amount of water mixed with the enzymes before incubating helped. We also increased the incubation time by quite a bit until he ...
by Barb
10 Jun 2021, 12:49
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Topic: Optimal Incubation Time
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Re: Optimal Incubation Time

Glad to hear the good report! Sounds great. If you are seeing good results from your 20 minute incubation time, then keep it up. We always had to go a bit longer with Kolby because he would get mouth sores......especially at the beginning. Eventually, we got down to 20 minutes, but it took us quite ...
by Barb
08 Jun 2021, 10:32
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Topic: New EPI diagnosis
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Re: New EPI diagnosis

Hi, Nicole, I agree with Jill about the B12. It can drop quickly, so having Cali on a daily supplement will avoid any drastic drops. Let us know if you solve the enzyme puzzle. We never had any issues with Diane's enzymes all the years we had Kolby on them, but that isn't to say it can't happen. Ole...
by Barb
08 Jun 2021, 10:10
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Topic: Alex's Dou Zi
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Re: Alex's Dou Zi

Hello, Alex. Welcome to you and Dou Zi. He is very lucky to have you. It is difficult when our pups don't have an appetite. We just want them to be able to eat. Keep supplementing with B12. You are in very good hands with Jean and Olesia. Let us know how he does.

Dou Zi is adorable!

by Barb
07 Jun 2021, 13:50
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Topic: Probiotic
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Re: Probiotic

This is another example of every dog is different. I used fortiflora years ago with Kolby and he got diarrhea. When we first got Madison, non Epi, I gave her proviable and she did great.

by Barb
03 Jun 2021, 09:07
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Topic: Phoebe, Chronic Pancreatitis and Voracious/Starving
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Re: Phoebe, Chronic Pancreatitis and Voracious/Starving

You might want to check this out with your vet, but after Kolby had a horrific experience with bloat, we put him on a daily dose of Gas-X (yes, the one for humans) after his evening meal. Actually, our vet said we could give it to him after each meal, but for him the evening meal was sufficient. It ...
by Barb
03 Jun 2021, 08:52
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Thank you, Jean, for the reminder.

by Barb
03 Jun 2021, 08:50
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Topic: B12 Testing
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Re: B12 Testing

I agree. You are finding what works for your pup We were able to rely on daily Wonderlabs Pet Factor to maintain Kolby's B12 levels. But it sounds like you need the injections to achieve that end. Each dog is amazingly different.