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by Judith
29 Jul 2018, 12:15
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Topic: Addressing the recent scare about Grain Free Food
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Re: Addressing the recent scare about Grain Free Food

Hi There is a test for taurine levels using 'whole blood'. Most vet schools and specialty vet hospitals can do it. The other thing the article fails to mention is that many grain free kibbles are already supplemented with taurine. They include: Canine Caviar (minimum level listed in guaranteed analy...
by Judith
23 Jul 2018, 13:52
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Topic: Nate - TCC
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Nate - TCC

I've dreaded posting this... Nate was diagnosed with TCC of the bladder in April of this year. It is a type of cancer that does not respond well to chemo or radiation and due to the tumor's location in the trigone area of the bladder surgery is not an option. He's on prednisolone and tramadol. He's ...
by Judith
22 Jul 2018, 13:11
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Topic: Looking for a Vet versed in EPI
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Re: Looking for a Vet versed in EPI


In addition to what Olesia suggested, the other condition that sticks out is Addison's disease. Dogs ofter present with hypoglycemia and anemia along with various other symptoms that can come and go (lethargy, hind end weakness, upset tummy). What did her kidney values look like?
by Judith
19 Jul 2018, 08:12
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Topic: EPI & Addisons
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Re: EPI & Addisons

Hi Martini I'm sorry Brookelynn has not gained the weight back she lost during her crisis. What dose of fludrocortisone and prednisone is she currently on? Do you have a set of recent electrolyte results? When Nate was on fludrocortisone my vet and I always made sure his potassium and sodium were ri...