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by TankTank
11 Sep 2018, 18:28
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Topic: Tanks progress
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Tanks progress

Tank Tank went for a weighin today and he is still same weight. I captured a fresh stool sample. He is still thiin on hips but seems to have more muscle mass vet says he is still too lean and needs to buff up a bit more. May look into changing food diet withou peas and less then 4% fiber, current fo...
by TankTank
10 Sep 2018, 19:57
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Topic: Enzymes help for puppy
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Re: Enzymes help for puppy

Tylan interesting, how much would say an 82 pound 2 year old GSD need if sid were to act up. I have the scarry one on hand and no valium should there be a problem. Poops are good 2 mostly sometimes between 3 and 2. But good to have a supply in case of flare ups. I actually thought bad things are goi...
by TankTank
10 Sep 2018, 16:33
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Topic: 9-4-18 Taste of the Wild Food alert!
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Re: 9-4-18 Taste of the Wild Food alert!

Hey Folks, I know there are a lot of problems with dog food production. I cite Iams in the mid 2000 where dogs were eating iams that was tainted and a lot of dogs died from renal failure. We fed both our dogs IAMs during this decade and only 1 dog got renal failure, she was a chihuaha our shepherd r...
by TankTank
10 Sep 2018, 10:19
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I really hate this disease. Still trying to figure this out, poops are solid through and though. For now have secured a supply of fresh beef pancreas about 25lbs a month, building my 3 month supply. Because of second test vet advised to mix food and pancreas and let it sit for 6 hours, this really f...