Alex's Dou Zi

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Alex's Dou Zi

Post by Olesia711 » 07 Jun 2021, 16:53

Hi everyone.... i am going to "try" and transfer some of Alex's post about his sweet little pup Dou Zi to this topic so that he can have his very own thread for Dou Zi :)


My dog is Dou Zi, 15 years old. He's been using lypex. He has a good stool, but he never gains weight.
Moreover, he often has no appetite and doesn't eat at will. He doesn't eat homemade, canned or freeze-dried food. Especially in the morning, during the day, he has a bad appetite.
His appetite usually gets better in the evening.
He will also stop suddenly while eating food, as if he suddenly has a bad place. I don't know if it's stomach ache or gallbladder ache?
Douzi has cholestasis. I don't know if that's why our kids don't have an appetite.
In addition, he is very fond of raw carrots, even if he does not have any appetite, want to eat carrots. I guess it's because carrots can't be digested. He feels full when he eats them. It won't cause gallbladder or stomach pain?
I guess a lot, and I don't know why. Doctors don't know.
I'll try ursodeoxycholic acid to see if it works.
Sorry, my English is not good, I use Google to translate.


Re: New member needs advice, dog will not eat
Post by Olesia711 » Sun Jun 06, 2021 10:18 am

This reply is for ALEX with DOUZI:

My heart goes out to you ... for tying and doing your best to care for a 15 year old with "cholestatic" disease. the only thing i know about treating this is to feed maybe 3 meals a day instead of two... and for food the meals should also include moderate amounts of high-quality fat and protein. Dairy products contain less ammonia than meat, eggs are ideal for dogs with liver disease. With EPI, dog you usually have to be careful not to feed too much grain and you have to be careful with what kind of grain.... but limited amounts of grain is often okay for some dogs that have EPI..... Oatmeal is a soluble fiber that will help remove ammonia from the liver so maybe you can include a very small amount of oat meal.... or at least try some. See if it is tolerable.

I do not know what herbal supplement you have where you live, and the quality of them, so i think your idea of trying ursodeoxycholic acid under a vet's guidance is a good idea.

Also..... you English is very good !!!!!!!!!!
Olesia, was owned by Izzy, a 35lb Spanish Water Dog (SWD), Diagnosed at 1.5 years old - TLI results 1.. Izzy passed away on February 13, 2020 at 15 years old. She lived with EPI for 13+1/2 years. It was because of Izzy that Epi4Dogs was started... she was the inspiration. May her legacy of helping others with EPI continue for as long as needed.........


Re: New member needs advice, dog will not eat
Post by alex » Mon Jun 07, 2021 12:17 am

HI! Olesia!
Thank you very much for your reply. I really appreciate it.
I'm a newly registered ID. I've been reading all kinds of forum information crazily these days. I need to learn more to help my Dou Zi.
Because he has no appetite, it's difficult to change from two meals to three meals a day, but i will keep trying.
In fact, in recent months, I have been in accordance with a certain proportion of self-made food to eat for him, I pay attention to calcium, low fat, vitamins, iodine, and other nutrients, but the results are not ideal. Sometimes he likes to eat, sometimes he doesn't eat at all. There's no law at all. It’s random.I dare not give him too many eggs. I only give him 5 grams of yolk every day. Because I found that it seems that a little more eggs will make his stool become very soft, even diarrhea.
In terms of carbohydrates, I use sweet potatoes and potatoes, accounting for about 20%.
His stool looks good, but he doesn't gain weight at all. When I try to increase the weight of food, he doesn't eat any more and has no appetite.
Oats are a good food. I'm going to have a try.
He used"Denosyl" and liquid silymarin (from "pet wellbeing"). To protect the liver.
Herbal supplements I use are all from "pet wellbeing", because I see a lot of positive comments from Amazon. But my veterinarian doesn't know about these herbs.
In fact, my veterinarian doesn't know as much about EPI as I do.
Yesterday, I gave him two ordinary vitamin B12, ursodeoxycholic acid and some elm peel powder ( I ordered wonderlabs factor B-12, but it hasn't arrived yet)
This morning, I opened a can of chicken (Amadeo, a can of dog food in Germany) for him and gave him 120 grams. He ate all of them.
I don't know how long his appetite will last. I will continue to use B12 and ursodeoxycholic acid.
I think it would be better for me to create a new page to describe my problems, because my words are too much and confusing, and I don't want to disturb Mari's page.
Again, thank you very much!
Dou Zi.jpg
Dou Zi.jpg (13.17 KiB) Viewed 235 times
Olesia, was owned by Izzy, a 35lb Spanish Water Dog (SWD), Diagnosed at 1.5 years old - TLI results 1.. Izzy passed away on February 13, 2020 at 15 years old. She lived with EPI for 13+1/2 years. It was because of Izzy that Epi4Dogs was started... she was the inspiration. May her legacy of helping others with EPI continue for as long as needed.........

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Re: Alex's Dou Zi

Post by Jean » 08 Jun 2021, 05:40

welcome from the UK to you in Hong Kong

we used Lypex for two years but it was too expensive to use long term and we changed to Panzym which is a powder and produced in Europe

I note that you are supplementing B12, as they get older (and what a cutie) they need it no matter what they have wrong with them, my vets always precribed it for what they classed as anorexia, but by injection

my thoughts as usual are to give something easy to digest, scrambled egg and mashed potato, mine would haunt you for it

Kara had a liver problem and we used SAM E and milk thistle for maybe 2 years, you are using it yourself ... -and-uses/

This tells you about SAM E ... -e-do-dogs

as far as your use of English ,you are fine, have a look also at the top right of this page and you will see a language translator, just select and away you go, and many thanks to our wonderful admin Craig for putting this device on for us


My name is Jean we live in Liverpool in Uk

My Kara born 21 July 2009 diagnosed with EPI by cTLI test August 2010 TLI = <1...folate 14 Cobalamin 408, shot down to 94, b12 injections every other day

Lowest weight 39 pounds

We used Panzym enzymes, Tylan and Chemeyes b12 capsules

Sadly, on 10th May 2019, we lost her to DM


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Re: Alex's Dou Zi

Post by Barb » 08 Jun 2021, 10:10

Hello, Alex. Welcome to you and Dou Zi. He is very lucky to have you. It is difficult when our pups don't have an appetite. We just want them to be able to eat. Keep supplementing with B12. You are in very good hands with Jean and Olesia. Let us know how he does.

Dou Zi is adorable!


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Re: Alex's Dou Zi

Post by Tuckaboo Pam » 16 Jun 2021, 13:41

Alex, can you try again to post here, on your own thread? Maybe it will work now, and we won't tell you what we want Cranberry to know!---Pam
Tucker is a shepherd/lab mix; he has tested positive on the ScheBo test for EPI, as well as the fasting TLI. Results--- TLI 1.3, Folate 9.7, Cobalamin 666, Lipase 38. Currently taking Diane's Enzymes 4 teaspoons/day, Wonderlab B12 one capsule per day, slippery elm 1/8 teaspoon twice/day, and Tylan 1/16 teaspoon twice/day (to hold SID at bay). Sport Dog Elite, herding dogs 3 1/2 cups/day. No more poop eating, has gone from 60 to 80 pounds, and he is a happy member of the family, though a bit of a stinker, if you ask the other dogs. Tucker is my boyfriend, and my husband is OK with that.

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Re: Alex's Dou Zi

Post by alex » 11 Jul 2021, 21:27

O my God! I just found this post! I don't know how to express my thanks! Thank you so much, Olesia! It's very kind of you to help me! You have helped me so much!Thank you very very very much!!!!!!

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