Watery stool // va beach vet

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Watery stool // va beach vet

Post by AngelaRush » 15 Sep 2021, 15:44

First I would like to thank you all for keeping me going and helping my family with all the information! My girl was doing great until a few days ago. She began to have very bad diarrhea again, watery stool and just soft. However, we did find a piece of her ball in the stool. And we asked the vet, she thinks it will pass. So I’m just seeing if that could be it? Or do they sometimes have soft stool and go back to the old ways. the stool is very watery and has some mucus in it and she looks like no control when it comes and tries to push… vet thinks it is because of the toy she passed.

She is currently on enzymes, steroid and vitamin. It appears she lost weight due to these few days and I just hope to turn it back to positive things. My vet doesn’t know much about EPI and actually the one treating her left. Has anyone worked with the doctor in Va beach? I’m thinking about switching her for experience, it is listed in this website. Thank you!

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Re: Watery stool // va beach vet

Post by Tuckaboo Pam » 15 Sep 2021, 20:03

Hi Angela---What a pain! I'm so sorry you are going through all of this.

Has she passed the entire ball, or is there a chance some of it could be still be in there, blocking her from passing? Have you tried giving her a tablespoon or so of pumpkin?

When you say vitamins, do you mean B12? And the steroids, are they a recent addition to your routine? Sorry, so many questions.

If it seems like she doesn't have anything else stuck in there, that could be causing the problem, then my vote would be SID.
It seems to be able to flare up out of the blue, and you treat it with slippery elm (over the counter---Wonderlabs or NOW brand) and probiotics, or Tylan antibiotic (prescription...avoid the antibiotic metrodinazole, it's bad).

Here's the page with more information---


I hope some of this helps. ---Pam
Tucker is a shepherd/lab mix; he has tested positive on the ScheBo test for EPI, as well as the fasting TLI. Results--- TLI 1.3, Folate 9.7, Cobalamin 666, Lipase 38. Currently taking Diane's Enzymes 4 teaspoons/day, Wonderlab B12 one capsule per day, and Tylan 1/16 teaspoon twice/day (to hold SID at bay). Sport Dog Elite, herding dogs 3 1/2 cups/day. No more poop eating, has gone from 60 to 80 pounds, and he is a happy member of the family, though a bit of a stinker, if you ask the other dogs. Tucker is my boyfriend, and my husband is OK with that.

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Re: Watery stool // va beach vet

Post by Barb » 15 Sep 2021, 20:20

Well, it sounds like you have two possibilities. Of course, it could be a bad case of SID. But being that you have evidence of a foreign object that your pup has ingested, that seems more likely. Is it possible that they can take an XRay to see if there are any other ball parts in your pup? It might be good to see if there is any more foreign matter that could be causing the problem.


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Re: Watery stool // va beach vet

Post by Jean » 21 Sep 2021, 08:03

i would go for xray or ultra sound too
My name is Jean we live in Liverpool in Uk

My Kara born 21 July 2009 diagnosed with EPI by cTLI test August 2010 TLI = <1...folate 14 Cobalamin 408, shot down to 94, b12 injections every other day

Lowest weight 39 pounds

We used Panzym enzymes, Tylan and Chemeyes b12 capsules

Sadly, on 10th May 2019, we lost her to DM


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