New to EPI and struggling

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Re: New to EPI and struggling

Post by Jrusso8 » 19 Jan 2022, 16:15

I have Millie’s diagnostic results.

Cobalamin B12 682 pg/mL
Folate 17.8 ng/mL
TLI <1.0
Pancreatic Lipase Immunoreactivity <30

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Re: New to EPI and struggling

Post by jilbert57 » 19 Jan 2022, 17:02

Thanks for posting the results. The B12 looks good keep up the supplement you are using. If you aren't supplementing I would give an oral daily.

The Wonderlabs products are good.

The Tli is definite Epi. Thanks

My name is Jill and we live on the Hood Canal in Washington State. We currently have one pup. TJ is a 5 year old Jack Russell.

Mickey and his pancreatitis brought me to site in 2012 to help manage it.
He lived from 6/99 - 8/2014

Mickey, Jack Russell. Chronic Pancreatitis. Dianes enzymes, 1/8t 3x/day with meals.

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Re: New to EPI and struggling

Post by Tuckaboo Pam » 19 Jan 2022, 19:33

Thanks Julianne! I hope things are still going well!---P
Tucker is a shepherd/lab mix; he has tested positive on the ScheBo test for EPI, as well as the fasting TLI. Results--- TLI 1.3, Folate 9.7, Cobalamin 666, Lipase 38. Currently taking Diane's Enzymes 4 teaspoons/day, Wonderlabs B12 one capsule per day, two capsules slippery elm/evening, 1 Proviable capsule/day, and Tylan 1/32 teaspoon/ morning (to hold SID at bay). Sport Dog Elite, herding dogs 4 cups/day. No more poop eating, has gone from 60 to 80 pounds, and he is a happy member of the family, though a bit of a stinker, if you ask the other dogs. Tucker is my boyfriend, and my husband is OK with that.

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Re: New to EPI and struggling

Post by laurieryan » 26 Jan 2022, 12:26

I am still struggling, too. My soulful and beautiful German Shepherd puppy Maui was diagnosed on Dec 28 (10 mos old) and my vet seems to not know much about EPI. Reading through this was very helpful and the folks on the Facebook page helped me tremendously. She had lost 12 pounds and has since gained 6 back and her stool is back to normal - whew! I use the pancreatin 6x from Enzyme Diane AND raw bovine pancreas. I feed her three full meals a day and two 1/2 meals twice a day, every 3 hours.
So my questions -
How do I know if she needs an antibiotic? Her nose is always warm.
How do I know if she needs a probiotic?
The vet said nothing about pancreatitis - what are signs of this? Should she have been tested for this?
She seems to scratch a lot. I added coconut oil to her dinner and it helped but she still scratches too much.
Weirdest question ever - is there such a thing as a pancreas transplant? LOL but I am willing to consider it.
What about training treats? I also train with play but once in a while, a treat would be nice. I was making healthy treats with the powder mixed in but was informed that heat kills the enzyme, so....
And - when she first came home, the breeder gave me vitamins to give her. Can she still have those? I actually stopped them but was wondering ...

Thanks everyone!!

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