Happy 14th Birthday Izzy

Epi4Dogs Foundation Inc.’s mission is the advancement of science and education relating to EPI (Exocrine Pancreatic Insufficiency), yielding useful insights and positive outcomes in better managing EPI in dogs and cats. Our goals are to support and/or collaborate with veterinary EPI research and researchers, and to promote EPI awareness by educating the general public, pet owners, pet organizations, rescue and shelter organizations, veterinary schools and veterinarians.
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Re: Happy 14th Birthday Izzy

Post by Arya&Bran » 14 Jul 2019, 12:17

Happy Belated Birthday from Arya, Brandon & family!
What a beautiful fur baby!
We hope she had a marvelous day full of play, petting and walks. :P
Again...Happy Birthday!
Arya & Brandon born March 17, 2013. Lab/Shepherd/ Border Collie mix.
Arya gets 1/4 can of Blue Buffalo. Be sure there are no peas in the food. Backyard BBQ, & Denali Dinner are some of the foods. Be sure the food is warm, but NOT HOT, as it will kill the enzymes. We mix 2 1/2 teaspoons EnzymesDiane powder into her food(including the kibble), Blue Buffalo Life Protection Formula, 2 cups(Chicken & Brown Rice). We incubate food for 30 minutes.After the incubation period add, 2 Metamucil capsules(broken open & sprinkled on food)& Rx vitamins for pets probiotic. We add The WonderLabs B12 & Slippery Elm at dinner only. Again, we agree that no two EPI pets are the same.

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Re: Happy 14th Birthday Izzy

Post by Olesia711 » 14 Jul 2019, 20:10

Thanks you. Izzy had a great birthday and she continues to be playful and enjoy her days.
Today she had HER bath and she just LOVES being towel dried cause she gets to snuggle next to me and she thinks it is all a game.
Olesia, was owned by Izzy, a 35lb Spanish Water Dog (SWD), Diagnosed at 1.5 years old - TLI results 1.. Izzy passed away on February 13, 2020 at 15 years old. She lived with EPI for 13+1/2 years. It was because of Izzy that Epi4Dogs was started... she was the inspiration. May her legacy of helping others with EPI continue for as long as needed.........

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Re: Happy 14th Birthday Izzy

Post by Ruby » 21 Jul 2019, 01:58

Just saw the post here of Izzy's Birthday. Happy birthday blessed doggie. She is not only a blessing from God to you but has and still has a mission to help sooooo many others around the world. Thank you for your love and kindness to her and your outreach to so many others.

Only God knows the ripple effect you dog has and still is making in other dogs lives, owners and their families. It goes so much further than we realize or can imagine.

I hope that putting your link on my webpage will bring even more insight and help to others. I wish that they would teach the vets about EPI. HAPPY BIRTHDAY IZZY......... and many more.

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