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Re: Dog Breath

Posted: 20 Jul 2019, 09:42
by Tuckaboo.
Thank you so much. My internet was acting up earlier, so I didn't read your directions before I fed Tucker this morning. I added 1/2 teaspoon extra enzyme powder, which was the original dose a couple of months ago. I noticed that his poo right after eating, though small, was gold. Ugh. I probably gave too much, and I will refer to your advice at dinner time.

Re: Dog Breath

Posted: 20 Jul 2019, 09:57
by Tuckaboo.
I jusy read an archived post, but before I go on, allow me to apologize for always being here, writing. I have newcomer's syndrome...So, I think I want to get the blood test for Tucker, after reading about a Saint Bernard who did better without the enzymes after taking them for a couple of months. I have no reason to believe the vet I am using is raising the price of the test to $440, since he has charged zero dollars for about two hours of brain storming with me, but I would love to know something. I have read about Texas A & M being the place the test is done, and I wonder if there is a different option? Thank You!---Pam

Re: Dog Breath

Posted: 20 Jul 2019, 10:33
by Madelon
Hi Pam - no apologies for posting/writing/asking questions - we've all been where you are and we all asked lots and lots of questions and that's what this Forum is for.

As for the test, it's funny you ask where to send it to as I just put a FaceBook post on our FaceBook page (Epi4Dogs Foundation) regarding this topic. There are only 3 labs that test for EPI: Texas A&M, Antech and Idexx. Be sure your dog is fasted for 12-15hrs and that the blood is drawn on Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday - that way it is not sitting around over the weekend without being properly stored. Also, make sure your vet is testing B12 and Folate at the same time.

As for the poop - this morning's poop is likely NOT from the last enzymed meal you gave. A dog's transition time can be anywhere from 12-72hrs. We suggest cutting up some carrot and putting in the dog's food - they won't digest the carrot - so when you see the carrot in the poop you know what meal it was from and thus your dog's transition time. Don't stop looking for the carrot after you first see it. My boy's transition time is 24-48 hrs. Make a note of the date/time you put carrot in the meal and the dates/times of seeing carrot in the poop.

Re: Dog Breath

Posted: 20 Jul 2019, 13:19
by Jean
the cTLI test is the only definitive test, and the results are still valid whilst taking enzymed food, the reason being, is that the enzymes given, only digest the meal they are given with, they then become useless, and are absorbed

So its 12 hours food fasted, and ask for cobalamin and folate to be tested too, and please tell us the results

the cost is disgraceful

we paid £250.00 in August 2010, no idea what the exchange rate was then, but needs must, I remember my Husband coming home and throwing his bank card on the table having taken her, and paid, saying boody hell ! but I knew she had it, and she did, I would have remortgaged the house for her, and I am sure some of us would say the same

we lost her in May , and she was stable with EPI to the end, so unrelated

so you now have a map for your journey, and a star to steer you by

ask away.........


Re: Dog Breath

Posted: 20 Jul 2019, 14:29
by Tuckaboo.
Thank you, Jean & Barb---Pam