problemas con la alimentación

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Re: problemas con la alimentación

Post by jilbert57 » 02 Nov 2019, 15:26

Hi Carlos, welcome to you and your terrier. Did the vet put your pup on any enzymes to mix with the food or an antibiotic?

Do you know if a food is available that does not contain grains? The Tier looks like a great product however it contains white rice, brown rice oats and barley which can cause gut issues. Does the Pro Plan have a grain free food?

My name is Jill and we live on the Hood Canal in Washington State. We currently have 2 Jack russells, TJ is 6 and Sadie is 8months.

Mickey and his pancreatitis brought me to site in 2012 to help manage it.
He lived from 6/99 - 8/2014

Mickey, Jack Russell. Chronic Pancreatitis. Dianes enzymes, 1/8t 3x/day with meals.

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