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Santos Needs a Home

Posted: 11 Dec 2019, 14:12
by Madelon
Absolutely No Negative Comments Please - let's just find this sweet boy a home. Here is Santos' story:

Santo and Sadie appeared on my property in Nov 2016. Both were more than half starved. I adopted them together. For a long time I thought he had colitis and treated him that way.

In Feb 2018, blood test indicated EPI and I started him on PanaKare plus tablets on Feb 10, 2018. Stools started to improve immediately, but had a long way to go.

He had a fecal transplant in capsules from Animal Biome starting July 2, 2018, which helped. Since then, no antibiotics.

I tried many things; I perused the Forum for suggestions.

Long story short. People on the Forum made many suggestions and what finally clicked for Santo was:

Pan-tenex enzyme granules 10X in Oct 2018, 2 tsps. per meal,
S-boulardii 1 scoop X 2,
WonderLabs Pet Factor B-12 3/day.
WonderLabs Slippery Elm, 1 scoop/day
VetriScience multi (I don’t know if this one helps or not)

Meals (2) are raw turkey, Yam or green beans (pureed), Sport Dog brand Whitefish kibble/ground/soaked.

The final thing that really turned everything around was grinding the kibble in my blender, and soaking it. Equal amount of water and ground kibble.

When I started feeding Sport Dog brand Buffalo, he seemed to do slightly better.

Stools are Score 2, with maybe a dollop of Score 6 at the end. I almost never see mucous in his stools and they are a good brown color.

Santo is a big clown, he makes me laugh. He is high energy and obviously came from a loving and probably indulgent home originally. He is bossy/pushy, he wants all the attention and doesn’t want Sadie to have any. He adores people.

Loves to be bathed in the shower, and toweled down.

He is quite boisterous when someone comes to the property but settles down within two minutes and just wants to be with us.

He may prefer men, or it may just be that men are the ones outside working, and he follows them everywhere and lays down nearby and supervises.

He has Manuel, who does the landscaping, wrapped around his big paw.

I have never had him around children, but I believe he would be fine with older kids, but maybe two boisterous for young kids, and might knock them down.

He loves people, but is aggressive towards other dogs, cats and Roadrunners (beep-beep). Roadrunners like to tease dogs, just like cats, and he HATES them.

Santo loves the car, but when it starts to move, he panics. Don’t know what that is all about, but I think he could be trained out of panicking. The poor fellow has had almost no training from me, beyond sitting for food, doors, gates.

When he is in the car, and I spot a dog before he does and tell him “NO” he then only makes a little noise, but does not bark aggressively. But it HE spots it first - - -

I am just not up to training two rescue GSDs, one with special needs, but I do believe he would quickly respond to a dog trainer. Smart as a whip.

Santo had a one day flare up Sep 12, but has been perfect since then, despite consuming an ENTIRE cottontail, plus two small birds. He seems to be very stable.

If someone can give Santo a loving home, I would have all supplements shipped direct for a year. They are not particularly expensive, considering, but I would want to do that. Initially, I would have one bag of Sport Dog Buffalo, shipped direct to them.

I have 5 acres under Invisible Fence and they both have free range during good weather, otherwise they have a huge back yard to play in, with a connecting “dog room” for inclement weather. or cell phone. 702-375-9113. I live in Southern Nevada, 75 miles North of Las Vegas in Mesquite. I could transport him some distance, but not a long ways, as it would have to be a round trip for me.

I also forgot to mention that he is not the least bit food aggressive, even when he was starving.
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