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Peeing ALOT...AGAIN..

Posted: 18 Mar 2020, 19:20
by Kohlesmomma
Hello everyone. I haven't been on here for a bit ,, life, etc..but wanted to reach out and ask anyone for help with this. My dog Kohle is becoming more stable since switching his food to Sport Dog Elite Whitefish, as well as recently finishing the bio-case plus enzymes and switching to Enzyme Diane. But,( and there's always a but these days...)He has been peeing up a storm. I enzyme his food longer than 30 min...maybe 45 close to an hour because the food is so dense and the enzymes so strong that Kohle has also had mouth sores develop, those are clearing up from me hand-feeding, and washing his mouth after his meals. BUT THE PEEING!! Dear god. I did have his urine checked, along with bloodwork. Now issues, no crystals, stone indicators, weird glucose. Specific Gravity also good...SO.... does anyone think it may be just the enzymes? He has been on enzymes all along, however just recently switched to Enzyme Diane. It's worth mentioning that he did this before with the peeing, when he first started the original enzymes, and then after about 3wks, the frequency, and volume of urine returned to normal. Not good to wake up to a pile of urine, when he has been given many multiple opportunities to go outside. Can anyone chime in and give some thoughts? Greatly appreciated. And Lord please watch over us all with this Covid 19.
Thank you.
Kellie and Kohle

Re: Peeing ALOT...AGAIN..

Posted: 18 Mar 2020, 23:22
by Madelon
Hi Kellie. First with regard to the mouth sores - have you tried feeding on a flat plate? If not you might want to try that. Also putting a few kibbles in the water bowl and having them "bob" for it helps wash their mouth out. Last but not least with some of the more difficult cases, you can try grinding the kibble in the blender - I have been grinding my boy's food for 5years - not because of mouth sores but because I thought it would let the enzymes touch everything better (who knows LOL) but for some with bad mouth sore issues grinding the kibble has helped.

As for the peeing - are you supplementing B12? If you're in the beginning of treatment a lot of them will pee more because they are drinking more, getting B12 and their bodies are adjusting. It usually subsides in time - we hear this a lot from EPI owners. But you might want to talk to your vet about checking the kidneys just to be safe.

Re: Peeing ALOT...AGAIN..

Posted: 19 Mar 2020, 17:54
by Kohlesmomma
Thanks Madeline. I have tried a flat plate to feed Kohle, but his sores are clearing up as I am feeding him with a fork by hand. I use that time for training as well, so it works. It takes a little time but he is worth it. As far as the having the vet check Kidneys, kohle had complete urine and bloodwork done. No issues were found at all. My thoughts are it has to be the enzymes, and he just needs more time to adjust to them. Thanks for replying. Hope you and your family stay safe through out this state we are all in. Wishing everyone blessings and peace.
Kellie and kohle

Re: Peeing ALOT...AGAIN..

Posted: 19 Mar 2020, 21:08
by jilbert57
I would venture that after awhile on the new enzymes the extra peeing will simmer down.


Re: Peeing ALOT...AGAIN..

Posted: 20 Mar 2020, 11:47
by Ehellriegel
Hey Kellie!

I have the same issue with my female GSD, Fi. I have been worried over the past few weeks that she might have a UTI since she is peeing so much more frequently and also licking herself a lot, but we got a urinalysis done with post-op bloodwork and she was perfectly clear of any infection. I think it may just be the enzymes, she has only been on them for 1.5 months and I know Kohle is new to EPI as well, so from what I've read, it just takes some time.

As for the mouth sores, I have discovered something that works for Fi! I was originally putting the enzymes on her food and letting it incubate for 30 minutes, then wiping her mouth after she ate and letting her bob for ice cubes in her water bowl. That worked fantastically for clearing up the mouth sores. However, she decided she didn't like wet food anymore after her surgery so I had to get creative, and her mouth sores have stayed away! I mix the amount of enzymes for her food (so 1.5tsp for 1.5 cups) into about a tablespoon of room-temperature greek yogurt (I microwave it for 5 seconds and add a splash of warm water to make it room temperature before adding the enzymes). I let that incubate for 20-30 minutes, then she eats her dry food like a champ and loves her greek yogurt dessert directly following dinner! I like to wait until after she eats her dry food to give her the enzymes because I'm not always sure she'll finish her meal and too much much enzymes can be just as bad as too little.

We've been keeping an eye on her poops to make sure they stayed normal with this slight change to her feeding routine, and they've remained perfectly firm! She is on Sport Dog Elite, as well.

I hope this helps for both questions!

-Eleanor and Fi