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Changing Enzymes

Posted: 19 Mar 2020, 06:22
by TexasJ1987
Good morning,

I have recently had several issues with Pan-tenex and the level of customer service that they have provided. I have reviewed several posts about enzyme diane and have decided to give their enzymes a try. That being said, I went ahead with an order of the 8X due to the high demand of the product. I am looking for advice, as Sascha has only used Pan-tenex since she was diagnosed with EPI. Currently, we are using in the neighborhood of 1/2 TSP to 3/4 of a TSP per food bowl to regulate her with Pan-tenex. I know that there is some trial an error in getting the correct dosage, but I was wondering if anyone has any advice for those who have made the switch.

Thanks in advance

Re: Changing Enzymes

Posted: 21 Mar 2020, 08:18
by Kohlesmomma
Hello! I am a past native Texan. Your dog is beautiful!
So I wanted to say, in the beginning of this epi process with my dog Kohle, I originally was using Bio-case, then went to Bio-case Plus which worked very well for Kohle, I also tried pantenex and finally decided and ended up with Enzyme Diane. The reason I settled on Enzyme Diane, Is due to cost and more of a purer product. There is fluctuation from batch to batch with hers but that makes sense to me since you couldn't possibly get the same exact strength in every single batch. Once the dog is more stable you will begin to see why everyone prefers hers to any other. Trust me I have tried all of the above products and hers are the best as far as effectiveness and cost compared to the other products available. It wasn't until I got everything In order tho. Meaning the correct enzymes, food, b12 supplement, and tylan did Kohle get straight, and now it's easy and he is well and gaining. He is adjusting still to Dianes so he pees more often but I am seeing a decrease in that now as well. I had posted previously that Kohle was urinating so much and after having bloodwork, and urinalysis came back clear, I realized he was adjusting to Dianes enzymes, and I will say also that the urinating alot happened at each time I tried a different enzyme. Hang in there. I use the 6X and from what I have seen and heard on here you may just need to adjust down some since the 8x is so much stronger. You can also call Diane, she is very helpful, she helped me in the beginning with suggestions on beginning dose. Also read on here the suggestions to prevent mouth sores which can happen no matter the product you use.
Good luck!
Kellie and Kohle

Re: Changing Enzymes

Posted: 21 Mar 2020, 08:36
by Kohlesmomma
Oh, and also...Pantenex says that there dosing is "per meal the recommended starting dose for most all other enzymes is 1 tsp per cup of food. I incubate mine longer than 20 min, closer to 45 min because the food I use for my dog is so dense or "heavy" and that works best for my dog. Dianes phone# and email are posted on her website and she is great to talk to and does not mind helping you with dosing suggestions. Check with her but if you are like me, I was not happy with pantenex in the end and am much more pleased with results from Diane.
Have a good weekend!
Kellie and Kohle

Re: Changing Enzymes

Posted: 23 Mar 2020, 19:31
by Madelon
Hi and welcome to our EPI family. You have a gorgeous pup! I'm sorry you're having a difficult time. As for EnzymeDiane Pancreatin 8x - the recommend starting dose is 3/4tsp per cup of kibble - you may have some tweaking to do switching over as I'm not really sure what the PanTenex strength is because I don't believe they test their enzyme strength with each batch the way Diane does so I would just start with the 3/4tsp (level teaspoon) per cup of kibble.