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Aggression from enzymes

Posted: 25 Mar 2020, 11:31
by Tag
Is it possible that an enzyme can make a dog aggressive?

He was diagnosed with EPI 2 years ago. We used the same enzymes until recently when it became unavailable. The most recent enzyme was Pancrezyme by Virbac.

He has a B12 injection of 1 ml every 2 weeks after determining his need through series of bloodwork with our vet.

We went through a trial initially of probiotics which we stopped and an acid reducer which we stopped after neither was making a positive difference.

We've had a real problem with finding enzymes so there's been a need to try whatever we can find.

We're having a problem with aggression that's highly unusual for our dog. He's a Bernese Mountain dog and has always been nothing but patient, kind and relaxed. His aggressive behavior is very new. He's 5 years old.

I'd appreciate your input. I can't seem to find any information on whether the enzyme could be contributing.

Re: Aggression from enzymes

Posted: 25 Mar 2020, 11:50
by Olesia711
I have never heard of aggression from enzymes- -nor have read any research to support this..... and to date, i have read thru tons of research and heard thousands of EPI experiences over the course of 13 years....... HOWEVER.... i have also learned never to say never....

Over the years ... the few cases of sudden aggression in EPI dogs that showed up all turned out to be either low B12 or another health, yes, you may need to increase the B12 (or not)..... but if i was a betting person... i would first have the vet check him over for some other health issue possibly going on...........My reasoning is that even thou it could be B12 and you might need to increase it, the fact that he is already receiving some B12 and even thou it might not be enough, at least he is still getting some B12.

From what you described, it also does not sound like a learned behavior from lack of sufficient B12 that now needs behavior modification.....

I hope this helps a little and please let us know what your vet says..............

Re: Aggression from enzymes

Posted: 25 Mar 2020, 13:03
by Jean
can I ask if the b12 you are using is the generic and darp pink in colour