We all need a little laugh.....

Epi4Dogs Foundation Inc.’s mission is the advancement of science and education relating to EPI (Exocrine Pancreatic Insufficiency), yielding useful insights and positive outcomes in better managing EPI in dogs and cats. Our goals are to support and/or collaborate with veterinary EPI research and researchers, and to promote EPI awareness by educating the general public, pet owners, pet organizations, rescue and shelter organizations, veterinary schools and veterinarians.
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We all need a little laugh.....

Post by dana7123 » 08 Apr 2020, 15:56

We all could use a little laugh, and I really hope that this lightens up your day! Hope everyone is safe and healthy!

Dog Barking

The neighbors have been complaining that my dog had been barking non-stop. I hate the electric zapping bark collars, so I purchased a humane citronella collar. When a dog barks, it shoots a blast of citronella under their nose and apparently, they don't like it.
This morning I was getting the collar ready and filled it with the citronella liquid. And that's where my morning should have ended. But no, it's me, and I begin to become curious as to “how” the collars actually work.

So, I'm standing by my back door "barking" at my dog's collar. Nothing happens. I make sure it's turned on, check the fill level, and go through the "getting started" check list one more time. Again, I bark. Nothing happens.... Now I'm not quite sure, why I had this next thought, but I did...I put the collar on. I seriously extended the band and fit the growl box against my throat and barked. Apparently, the collar only works if it feels vibrations, because I immediately received a blast of citronella to the face!

I began coughing, which only caused the collar to continue squirting bug spray over and over into my nasal cavity.
I'm now on my hands and knees in my back yard, trying to breathe, and to make matters worse, the dog is now barking! So, between coughing and yelling at her to shut up, I've emptied over a dozen blasts of citronella to my face! During all of this ruckus, I'm trying to undo the clasp of the collar, which I am sure has somehow managed to weld shut during this whole fiasco.

I finally get the collar off and I threw it, yes, I threw that inhumane thing across the yard, and lay in the grass sucking in the cool
morning air. In the middle of thinking this is probably the dumbest thing I've done in a while, I hear laughter. MY NEIGHBOR SAW THE WHOLE THING! He was laughing so hard he couldn't breathe. Between gasps, he tells me, "I was gonna come help, but every time I started to climb over the fence, you'd set it off again and then I would start laughing and couldn't make it." So now, not only are my
eyes red, but my face and ears are too. After checking to make sure I was ok, we parted ways and I went in to shower so I wouldn't
smell like ode de' Tiki Torch.

Lesson learned: next time (yes, there will always be a next time with me) make sure that:
1. Don't fill the collar before trying to set it off.
2. Remember your neighbor is not a good source of help in a comedy crisis situation.
On the plus side, I won't have a mosquito problem for a few days!

I hope that this has given you a good laugh and feel free to pass it on! 😂😂😂😂
My Belle is a rescue. She was 3 mo when I adopted her and at 7 mo we discovered the EPI. Her TLI results were "0.4". We went to 3 Vets before we found the 4th vet who knew exactly what was wrong. What a relief! He put her on B12 and enzymes right away! I was so glad to find enzymediane! Belle gets 2 1/2 cups of food with 1 tsp of 8x enzymes twice a day. She is now (at 116 lbs) but now has SIDS. Started putting Slippery Elm in her breakfast (she would regurgitate breakfast & orange/yellow in poo) & she is doing great now!

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Re: We all need a little laugh.....

Post by Olesia711 » 08 Apr 2020, 16:30

OMG... dying here laughing! Thanks for posting... we all could use a good chuckle during these very stressful times!
Olesia, was owned by Izzy, a 35lb Spanish Water Dog (SWD), Diagnosed at 1.5 years old - TLI results 1.. Izzy passed away on February 13, 2020 at 15 years old. She lived with EPI for 13+1/2 years. It was because of Izzy that Epi4Dogs was started... she was the inspiration. May her legacy of helping others with EPI continue for as long as needed.........

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Re: We all need a little laugh.....

Post by Madelon » 08 Apr 2020, 21:08

So sorry you got Tiki Torched but I'm literally laughing out loud :)
MADELON and Doc. DX EPI and SIBO: 5/22/2015
Test Results: (1st) 7/2014 = TLI 16.5, B12 894, Folate > 24; (2nd) 5/2015 = TLI < .4, B12 406; Folate >24; (3rd) 10/2015 TLI < .4; B12 >1000; Folate 14.4. Prior to DX: May 2014 (2mos) - DX coccidia/bladder infection; July 2014 (3mos) 1st EPI test = TLI 16.5, B12 894, Folate >24 - Dx SIBO not EPI; Feb 2015 thru May 2015 - weight loss only; May 2015 vomitted several times, diarrhea and eating poop. Regimen: 4 cups Sport Dog Food Elite Herding - Diane 6x 1tsp per cup; 1 WonderLab PetFactor B12 2x day; 1/2tsp Slippery Elm 2xday; Multivitamin; 1 Zyrtec 10mg 2x day; Salmon Oil

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Re: We all need a little laugh.....

Post by Barb » 08 Apr 2020, 23:26

Oh, what we do for our dogs! Thank you for the laugh.


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Re: We all need a little laugh.....

Post by Jean » 10 Apr 2020, 08:39

WE had, and still have somewhere, one of those collars, which worked, Kara was shocked at the spray / air into her chin, I couldnt use one of those horrible metal collars

but this made me laugh

My name is Jean we live in Liverpool in Uk

My Kara born 21 July 2009 diagnosed with EPI by cTLI test August 2010 TLI = <1...folate 14 Cobalamin 408, shot down to 94, b12 injections every other day

Lowest weight 39 pounds

We use Panzym enzymes, Tylan and Chemeyes b12 capsules

Sadly, on 10th May 2019, we lost her to DM


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