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A sub-forum to read the rules and get some tips on how to use the EPI4Dogs forum.
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Forum Rules & Tips

Post by Olesia711 » 20 May 2018, 11:28

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~ Forum Rules ~

1. No criticism of how any person manages their dog - - we all just do our best

2. Any slander, disrespect or vulgarity in a post towards anyone or any entity will be removed

3. Specific breeder's names are not to be mentioned

4. All suggestions are simply personal opinion, experience & observation or noted research. This forum is not here to replace any person's vet.

5. Valid research findings will not be prohibited because of any one individual's interest. It will be up to the reader
to discern for themselves the accuracy of any and all information.

6. ALL information on this website and FORUM including files, posts, links, research papers and suggestions are welcomed to be shared with your vet. As a matter of fact, we encourage it.

7. No requests for private fundraising will be allowed on EPI4dogs. Any and all fundraising on Epi4Dogs may only be conducted by Epi4Dogs, promoted by Epi4Dogs for the purpose of EPI Research or EPI Awareness. Any private fundraising requests including links to fundraising websites will be removed.

8. Any/all information provided by members, participants, or agents of Epi4Dogs is not meant to replace instructions provided by a veterinary professional. Please be sure to coordinate any/all changes with your veterinarian.

~ Helpful Forum Participation Tips ~

1. Discussion Topic Suggestion: Best way to start and title a topic when you first join EPI FORUM is with your "dog's name, and possible current issue"... that way you can keep all your information about your individual dog in one place... and post future updates or future issues all in the same post so that there is a running history of your particular case.

2. Scroll to the bottom of a topic to see the most recent post- if there are a lot of posts…you may have to scroll down and then go to the next page.

3. Photos can be included in your post one of two ways:
Insert the photo URL link of the photo you want to include in your post .... or...
Drag & insert the photo from your computer and insert into your post.

4. If anyone has leftover enzymes for whatever reason - - please contact (Madelon) or (Olesia) privately as we can facilitate getting these enzymes to people that are currently struggling with unforeseen hardships and can greatly benefit from your generosity.
If / When the epi4dogs website/Forum is down... and you need immediate assistance, please go to our FaceBook page:
Olesia, owned by Izzy, a 35lb Spanish Water Dog (SWD), Diagnosed at 1.5 years old - TLI results 1.3, Doing great 12+ years later! Once stable at 3+ months, was able to reduce enzymes to only 1/2 tsp of Enzymes (use EnzymeDiane's 6x) with each cup of food, but as she aged- -had to go back 1 tsp enzymes per cup of food. Fed various grain-free kibble+real meat, 6x pancreatin enzymes from EnzymeDiane., gave 1 tsp of coconut oil / fish oil daily .... until she developed Diabetes and she now cannot tolerate higher fat foods. Currently feed an 80% home-made diet of sweet potato, a lean meat/fish, 1/3 of a raw egg, fat free cottage cheese, fish oil+vitamins and bone meal with 20% Annamaet Lean & Grain Free kibble. This combo has regulated her Diabetes (takes Vetsulin) and EPI and is very well managed. In Feb 2013, Izzy developed a very serious condition called IMHA which she (thankfully) beat and is now in remission. This is when we discovered that she also developed Diabetes & Low Thyroid. Izzy was able to receive excellent care because of the generosity of folks on Epi4dogs! Izzy continues to wake up every day full of joy. I am not a vet. All of my suggestions/recommendations are based on personal experiences, observations, information gleaned from EPI researchers & pet parents alike, and EPI research. Please share with your vet everything we suggest.


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