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Reminder for calendar photos

Posted: 01 Sep 2021, 04:59
by Jean
t’s that time. This will be the final notice for all 2022 EPI Calendar submissions. Deadline is August 31. I won’t say midnight CST because I’m not staying up to check the times of submissions. As long as you get the photos in before I awaken to let the princess Peanut out on the 1st, I’ll take them. Send your photos to All photos need to be a minimum of 300kb in size. Please include your pet’s name and the first and last names of all who are owned by the pet. If it is a memorial, please include the year of birth or adoption, and the year we lost the precious soul.
I would like to take a moment to thank you all for some absolutely wonderful photos this year. It is truly my honor to do these for you and I hope you enjoy them.