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STEP-BY-STEP: How to add an avatar (photo) to your profile

Posted: 19 Jun 2018, 07:09
by Mister Admin
Adding an avatar to your profile is a fun way to personalize your identity on the forum and to give everyone a way to spot you at a glance. To add an avatar;

1. Click on the 'Edit profile' link next to your member name around the middle of the page.

2. Click 'Edit avatar'


3. There are two options; Remote Avatar or Upload Avatar. If you are familiar with remotely hosting your images on third party websites select Remote Avatar, add the url (and size if known) and click 'Submit'.


4. If you wish to upload your avatar to our website select 'Upload Avatar'.


5. Upload a photo from your computer by clicking 'Choose File' and 'Submit'.


Note: Your photo needs to be less than 2MB in size with neither width not height exceeding 2000 pixels.

If your photo is larger you may wish to resize it using any popular online image resizer such as