Slippery elm suddenly trendy

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Slippery elm suddenly trendy

Post by Patsy » 17 Aug 2022, 16:06

I went to an up-market supermarket today and looked at the dog food aisle. I was surprised to see that the ‘posh’ foods were highlighting the latest magic ingredient on the packaging.
Slippery elm in all of them! I hope this doesn’t mean the prices go up even more. Will they realise that they can actually buy it to use as they wish? Often the latest trendy ingredient only contains a tiny bit, just for marketing and won’t do anything.
However I’m pleased it’s been approved by manufacturers.
Springer spaniel Marti had Epi, PLE , MMM just to confuse me. She lived till 12yrs, chubby and happy despite eight years of epi.
Capsule enzymes suited her best. B12 supplements made her into a new dog!
After a cocker with PLN kidney disease, I now have two healthy rescues, a lively, suicidal , small ginger terrier, adopted with pneumonia, and gum disease needing nearly all his teeth out, and a fluffy grey toy poodle/terrier from Greece.

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