Dehydrated treats

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Re: Dehydrated treats

Post by Chance » 19 Nov 2022, 13:34

I used parchment paper. Anything is fine, but I would not use waxed paper.

I don't cook in advance, and don't add extra water. Bacteria succums at fairly low temperatures over time.

Consider sous vide cooking. That's becoming increasingly popular, and is even used in many restaurants. Humans haven't died from it yet, and we can't tolerate anywhere near the bacteria load dogs can! In sous vide; meat (including chicken and turkey) is cooked (in a bag) under water at LOW temperatures. It's cooked slowly and evenly, to lock in moisture and keep meat tender and juicy.

I've used sous vide myself many times for chicken, beef or turkey. The water is warm, but not scalding...and always very well below boiling point. I'm not dead yet, and not so much as a tummy ache after.

Dehydration is very much the same idea, but in air instead of water. Temperatures are low, but it's running more than enough time to kill bacteria. Bacteria in meat needs moisture to survive. Removing moisture virtually eliminates it. It's exactly like Jerky. Jerky is dehydrated meat. People eat that by the truck loads!

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Re: Dehydrated treats

Post by HanL » 19 Nov 2022, 14:43

This is very true - it's because I've been reading online and it's like ooooo scary bacteria blah blah. I've fed raw for years so don't know what I'm worrying about ha ha! Yeah I think I'll just go straight from time which will make it a lot better sticky wise. Thanks for the paper advice x
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Re: Dehydrated treats

Post by Olesia711 » 19 Nov 2022, 15:33

this is a good conversation, i am sure others will also benefit from these dehydrating tips :)
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