Stable for couple of years, now relapsing

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Re: Stable for couple of years, now relapsing

Post by Jean » 25 Nov 2019, 04:26

Hi there

Maddie is if I recall a Pomapoo, 8 pounds in weight she sounds delightful

regarding medication

the only things that do not need enzymes are medication and water

what exactly was the liquid flea treatment name ?

we had to deal with fleas here all the time Kara loved to roll in fox poo, fleas ridden, and stinks, so she was straight in the bath on return

can you try the flea shampoos maybe

Heartworm I have no idea of, we dont have that disease in UK thankfully,

its about the only thing Kara didnt have !
My name is Jean we live in Liverpool in Uk

My Kara born 21 July 2009 diagnosed with EPI by cTLI test August 2010 TLI = <1...folate 14 Cobalamin 408, shot down to 94, b12 injections every other day

Lowest weight 39 pounds

We use Panzym enzymes, Tylan and Chemeyes b12 capsules

Sadly, on 10th May 2019, we lost her to DM


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Re: Stable for couple of years, now relapsing

Post by Patsy » 25 Nov 2019, 06:59

I sympathise with little dog problems, though mine is a hefty 9lb poodle cross, non epi.
She had dreadful fleas a couple of years ago, whichFrontline didn’t work on, nor shampoos.
I eventually was persuaded by the vet to give her Simparica. He said he’d never seen any dogs with side effects, despite the usual unverified google stories. It worked a treat! The only concern I would have for you is knowing whether the skin condition is some other problem than flea allergy.
Seresto collars are good, if you can get one small enough, as they pack a big dose of insecticide.
As you’ve moved house, it should be easy to start afresh with the housework attack on flea eggs.
My big ePi dog had a low grade heart murmur, but she lived a normal lifetime. Tiny dogs hearts beat like crazy when they panic, so I understand.

Rumbly tummies and stinks shout Sibo . Antibiotics should sort it. B12?
A balanced raw food diet is fine, I made it for a while for my tiny one, and froze little bagfuls. I wouldn’t know how much enzyme to use for epi.
Holistic treatments have their place but aren’t the answer for everything.
Springer spaniel Marti had Epi, PLE , MMM just to confuse me. She lived till 12yrs, chubby and happy despite eight years of epi.
Capsule enzymes suited her best. B12 supplements made her into a new dog!
After a cocker with PLN kidney disease, I now have two healthy rescues, a lively, suicidal , small ginger terrier, adopted with pneumonia, and gum disease needing nearly all his teeth out, and a fluffy grey toy poodle/terrier from Greece.

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Re: Stable for couple of years, now relapsing

Post by sapresley » 04 Dec 2019, 15:34

Thanks for the heart worm med name. Vet sold me an all in one tablet good for one month that kills fleas, parasites and preventing heart worms. I have not give it to her afraid of the strength of it and what it might do to her in her condition. She has lost a pound and that is not good. She's eating her poo, which she's never done, she's throwing up quite awhile after eating and it smells like people vomit. Something isn't agreeing with her or the stress of moving and not having my husband here with us has upset the balance quite a bit.

I had her on Kefir for intestinal gas that she developed this past spring and it stopped the smelling gas bombs she was emitting. If gas could only kill fleas! I had bought a Kefir powder that could be put into milk and turned to kefir and then giving her a teaspoon with each meal. I started with organic goat's milk, but this last batch I had to resort to milk from a grocery store, not organic and not goat. So many things are different, that I can't say just one thing that has upset Maddie's balance of EPI. Then I ran out of B12 - I thought I had a large bottle on hand, but it was my B12 in a different label on the bottle.

I haven't found an EPI vet yet down here, but Texas A&M isn't very far from here as the crow flies, so that is good to know help is close by.

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Re: Stable for couple of years, now relapsing

Post by jilbert57 » 04 Dec 2019, 17:56

:mrgreen: Sherry, yes I think you might do best having meds you can give 2 weeks apart that are not so strong. I give the dogs their Interceptor Plus (covers heart worms plus treat and control intestinal parasite infections of adult hookworms, roundworms, whipworms and tapeworms. *) on the 1st of month then on the 15th I use Frontline Plus for fleas and ticks.

My name is Jill and I live on the Hood Canal in Washington State. I have two dogs: Kiya is an aussie/blue heeler and is 13, TJ is a 4 year old Jack Russell. They keep me on my toes.
Mickey and his pancreatitis brought me to site in 2012 to help manage it.

Mickey, Jack Russell. Chronic Pancreatitis. Dianes enzymes, 1/8t 3x/day with meals.
6/1999 - 8/2014

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Re: Stable for couple of years, now relapsing

Post by Madelon » 05 Dec 2019, 21:32

Hi Maddie's mom. I am so sorry to hear of the fleas - pesky little pests that serve no purpose in my opinion. Anyway, I am wondering if your sweet girl might need a tweak up in enzymes. We have seen throughout the years that as dogs age they sometimes need a slight increase in the enzymes. As you said it could be stress from the fleas and/or moving but you might try increasing the enzymes slightly - maybe an 1/8tsp and see if that helps.

With regard to heartworm and flea/tick meds - I give heartworm on the 1st of the month and then give flea/tick on the 15th so they are separated - I honestly think this is especially necessary with little ones. I do not believe in all in one meds and neither does our Founder and Director of Research - too much chemical all at one time.

Please keep us posted on how things are going.
MADELON and Doc. DX EPI and SIBO: 5/22/2015
Test Results: (1st) 7/2014 = TLI 16.5, B12 894, Folate > 24; (2nd) 5/2015 = TLI < .4, B12 406; Folate >24; (3rd) 10/2015 TLI < .4; B12 >1000; Folate 14.4. Prior to DX: May 2014 (2mos) - DX coccidia/bladder infection; July 2014 (3mos) 1st EPI test = TLI 16.5, B12 894, Folate >24 - Dx SIBO not EPI; Feb 2015 thru May 2015 - weight loss only; May 2015 vomitted several times, diarrhea and eating poop. Regimen: 4 cups Sport Dog Food Elite Herding - Diane 6x 1tsp per cup; 1 WonderLab PetFactor B12 2x day; 1/2tsp Slippery Elm 2xday; Multivitamin; 1 Zyrtec 10mg 2x day; Salmon Oil

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